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Millennium Pro Wrestling is on the road to the Anniversary Spectacular! But who will going into the Anniversary event as the General Manager? Pinky Santino or Bryan Carter? The Main Event will be a 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Style Match to determine who will be the General Manager! Plus 4 other action packed matches!

For months Pinky Santino had to do MPW General Manager Bryan Carter’s dirty work when he wasn’t in town. With frustrations growing inside Pinky he made a decision – which made Bryan Carter mad like putting Chris Nasty into the California Classic Rumble despite Bryan Cartner declined that weeks prior. For that decision Bryan Carter called out Pinky Santino and embarrassed him by naming him Bozo Of The Week + wearing the mask…

That was too much for Pinky! He took matters into his own hands and knocked out Bryan Carter – who interfered multiple times in the Miggy Rose vs. Watts match at California Classic for the MPW Championship! At MPW Divinity GM Bryan Carter called out Pinky to the ring and wanted to fire him! With revenge on his mind Pinky was ready to get fired – while kicking Carter’s ass! Luckly Logan X came out and set up a 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match with the winner becoming the General Manager of MPW!

The team members are set!

Team Pinky
• Diego Valens (Captain)
• MPW Champion Miggy Rose
• Bucio
• Chris Nasty

Team Carter
• Michael Hopkins (Captain)
• CA Classic Winner Duke Bennett
• Dustin Daniels
• Jordan Cruz

How were the members chosen by Pinky & Bryan Carter? Lets take a look…

Bryan Carter’s captain is Carter Corporation’s own Michael Hopkins. His second member was supposed to be Carter’s former protege Diego Valens! He offered him a spot in the team after Diego Valens defeated the debuting Ju Dizz at last weeks MPW Divinity – but the Handsome Devil declined due to their past (Bryan Carter kicked Diego Valens out of Carter Corporation after losing the MPW Tag Team Championships) and joined Team Pinky instead as their Team Captain!

So instead Carter recruited Dustin Daniels, after JACKED Daniels defeated Bucio at MPW Divinity. Pinky made the counter by recruiting Bucio for his team so he can get some revenge on his former FULL SEND partner – who also shockly elininated him at the MPW California Classic Rumble.

MPW Champion Miggy Rose came out at MPW Divinity to cut a promo on his Anniversary opponent Duke Bennett. Then he offered Pinky to join his Team for the 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match – because Pinky always had his back & support no matter what Miggy Rose was doing in MPW. Pinky gladly accepted Miggy Rose offer amd announced that Chris Nasty will be his final   team member for the Match! Bryan Carter interrupted the two and announced that Jordan Cruz & California Classic Winner Duke Bennett will join his team as the final team members!

Why could this foreshadow the MPW Anniversary? Diego Valens & Michael Hopkins faced each other few months ago with Valens coming out on top. Hopkins would love to get a win back and make Valens’ life in MPW a hell with the Power of Bryan Carter as General Manager.

Miggy Rose & Duke Bennett will face each other for the MPW Championship at the Anniversary Spectacular! So for both it will be about getting some advantage over the other before their big title bout.

After Dustin Daniels betrayal on Bucio at the MPW California Classic FULL SEND is done once again. And with Daniels beating Bucio at MPW Divinity this rivalry is far from over between them.

Jordan Cruz & Chris Nasty eliminated each other in the California Classic Rumble and are not done with each other. Especially after it got heated between those after the elimination.

Whoever leaves this event as the MPW General Manager – it could change the course to the Anniversary Spectacular!

The Enterprise will held a open challenge this Friday at MPW Pinky vs. Carter! Who will answer to face The Enterprise? Last week The Enterprise had their hands full with the Brothers Divine when Robin Shaw faced Danny Divine and a huge brawl ended the segment. So The Enterprise have some frustration to beat out on someone…

But who will it be? At the MPW California Classic Robin Shaw & The Enterprise retained all their MPW National | North American & Tag Team Championships Jeff Roth called out all the Tag Teams – including Brothers Divine / The Millennials! Could The Millennials make their return at the Open Challenge? Will see. But whoever steps in to compete in the Open Challenge – The Enterprise seems like unstoppable right now!

Speaking of Danny Divine who faced Robin Shaw last week… He will go one on one with Crypto Cartel’s Jack Slammer this week at MPW Pinky vs. Carter!

For Jack Slammer it will be a huge match for his young career and a win over someone as big as Danny Divine could kick start off his career the right way in his Rookie year. Maybe even put him right into Championship picture. For Danny Divine it is important to get back into track after returning from the injury – especially after last week facing MPW Undisputed National | North American Champion Robin Shaw.

What a scene that was last week… Johnnie Robbie faced Jordan Cruz in a rematch and lost – but not by her own choice! Ray Rosas was in Johnnie Robbie’s corner and threw a towel in when the Modern Spartan had her in a Submission hold. While Rosas had best intention in mind, it hurt Robbie’s momentum in MPW. This week she will face Crypto Cartel’s El Primohenio Trebeca!

For El Primohenio getting a win over Ray Rosas Protegé could boost his status in the rankings to get closer to the next level… Maybe even a Championship Match.

The California Classic Rumble did not end the way J2 Mattioli had envisioned… Not only did he started the Match as No.2 but he also got eliminated by his former partner Rebel Storm. With few loses lately in MPW J2 Mattioli will do everything he can to be back on the winning track.

This week he’ll face Luchador Super Astro Jr.! Super Astro Jr. made his MPW debut at the The Enterprise Battle Royal and is looking forward steal the show with the Playmaker!

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, CA! You can also watch MPW on Youtube! **

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