MPW News: CA Classic (2023) Preview

It’s time to Rumble! Millennium Pro Wrestling will have their California Classic event this Friday (August 4, 2023) and what a Matchcard it is! Lets take a look.

It was supposed to be Dustin Daniels vs. Danny Divine for the MPW Championship but plans changed… Dustin Daniels injured his sternum against Jordan Cruz at MPW: National Treasure but fought through his injury to become No. 1 Contender but after winning the No. 1 Contendership against Super Beetle at MPW: Black Heart the Divine Brothers turned on Dustin Daniels and put him out of action. With no No.1 Contender for MPW: CA Classic someone else stepped in… Cody Prince! Cody Prince & Danny Divine are no strangers as they started their journey to become professional wrestlers together. Now they will face each other for the MPW Championship at CA Classic! Can Cody Prince do, what no one else wasn’t able to do and de-throne Danny Divine or will the Champion retain once again?

The California Classic Rumble is on! Who’ll be the next No. 1 Contender for the MPW Championship? 16 participants have been announced so far – which means there will be 4 mystery entrants! For the former Champions – like Ray Rosas, Miggy Rose, Brendan Divine, Jordan Cruz, Auntie Hydie, Leo Canedo – it is a chance to get closer to a Championship opportunity while for others like Chris Nastyy, Zara Zakher it is a golden opportunity to get a Championship Match in MPW ! We know that Brendan Divine will start the CA Classic Rumble while Ray Rosas will enter last. Due unfinished business & his MPW Millennium Cup Series win, some say that Rebel Storm is the current favorite to win as this is the final piece for him to de-throne Danny Divine – if he stays Champion. Let’s rumble!

Since winning the MPW National Championship Diego Valens has defended his title against the likes of Dustin Daniels & Ray Rosas. Now at CA Classic he will face someone, who might be the ultimate test for the Handsome Devil: Adrian Quest! A SoCal Daredevil who has wrestled for every SoCal promotion and NJPWStrong. This match will be also a huge test for the Young Fuego as well, with being his first Championship bout in a long time. Will we see a new National Champion or will Diego Valens retain? With the National Championship being seen by some fans as the workhorse title a long reign for Diego Valens could help him to get ready for another MPW Championship run in the near future.

After the civil war between the Super Heroes Super Hops does not have a partner anymore. So who’ll team up with Super Hops against the MPW Tag Team Champions Barbie Boi & Johnnie Robbie?

Let us take a look at possible partners…

MIGGY ROSE: Miggy Rose & Michael Hopkins are known as 24K outside of the MPW Universe and have been Tag Team Championships in San Diego. If Hopkins drops his Super Hero mantel we could see 24K in MPW. With Miggy Rose losing the MPW National Title weeks ago to Diego Valens the odds are high that he could go for the Tag Team Titles now to get back on track.

SUPER BEETLE: Despite their Civil War last week, their is still hope among MPW Faithfuls that Super Beetle comes to his senses and will team up with Super Hops once again to reclaim the Tag Team Titles. Especially with the run of the Dark Beetle lately the hopes are low…

J2 MATTIOLI: While J2 Mattioli is not announced for the CA Classic event, we know that J2 & Hops are Day Ones and it was teased multiple times in the past that there could be something… Maybe at CA Classic? J2 Mattioli is the leader of the Heartless Kings in SoCal, could Hopkins become heartless to get his Tag Team Titles back?

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