MPW Money Talks is the last stop before MPW presents SUMMERFEST! 6 Matches have been announced for Money Talks.

It is official! The Kingmaker Robin Shaw will challenge Bucio for the MPW National Championship at MPW Summerfest! Due to the fact that MPW Management will not recognize the MPW North American Title Robin Shaw will do everything he can to walk out with the MPW National Title! This week on MPW Money Talks we’ll see a preview Tag Team match before the big event next week!

Robin Shaw will team up with his The Enterprise partner Jeff Roth against Bucio – who will team up with the debuting Bamboo from LEVEL UP WRESTLING! Bamboo made a lot of raves in LVL UP since his debut and a win over The Enterprise would boost his momentum even more! He could take out Jeff Roth while Bucio will have his hands full against Robin Shaw. BUT! Never bet against The Enterprise because you never know what they pull out to win the match…

Lam’s POV: Due to The Enterprise’s chemistry I see them winning this match over Bucio & Bamboo. Despite it being a Preview match for MPW Summerfest – I’m really excited to see Bamboo making his MPW debut. Hopefully the MPW fans are ready to see the next luchador star from San Diego!

For Brendan Divine it is about keeping momentum in this Match – especially before the big MPW Tag Team Championships defense against The Shady Boyz at MPW Summerfest next week. But his opponent could become a big problem after Summerfest…

Cameron August is the current reigning & defending LVL UP Champion and has a win over Brendan Divine! Actually – Brendan Divine was Cameron August’s first title defense at Chula Palooza in March. Why could August become a problem for Brendan? If Cameron August can score another victory over Brendan Divine The Enterprise is guaranteed a title shot for the MPW Tag Team Championships! And The Kingmaker made it clear that The Enterprise is interested in them…

So for Brendan Divine it is more than just a warm up match for Summerfest. It is about getting a win back plus preventing The Enterprise to challenge for the Championships! But can he defeat Cameron August all by himself? With The Enterprise being in the house and no Jordan Cruz on his side Brendan Divine will go against all odds!

Lam’s POV: Brendan Divine proved time and time again that he can go all by himself – like he did last year against The Void for the MPW National Championship. But this is a different game field than against The Void. For Cameron August it’s also important to retain his momentum as he has a big title defense against J2 Mattioli this week on LVL UP Drop It Like Its Hot! Key word: Experience! Brendan Divine can handle the pressure as a veteran more than Cameron August – which is why I see Brendan over Cameron in this match!

Speaking of J2 Mattioli – who’ll face Cameron August for the LVL UP Championship in a Ladder Match at DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT -, he’ll go one on one with Leo Canedo! The (Don’t call him that) Menace has been on a roll since he came back with a new persona and recently defeated Rebel Storm & Bishop Thunderbird on Level Up Wrestling. Can he take momentum of the Playmaker away before the big upcoming Ladder Title Match?

Lam’s POV: J2 Mattioli can’t afford a lose right before his huge title match the day after the MPW event. He will do everything to keep this momentum. While Canedo’s stats is not very good in MPW I could see him pulling a huge upset this Friday. But due to the upcoming LVL UP event and with so much on the line J2 Mattioli is my pick here.

Johnnie Robbie is on the roll!  She is undefeated in the all new United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling, she ended her Rookie year with her Venue Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Championship win and she just teamed up with International Superstar Shane Haste! This week on MPW she’ll go one on one with Dustin Daniels!

Dustin Daniels is going through a rollercoaster of his career. He wins and loses matches right and left. But despite that he has a DQ victory over the (unofficial) MPW North American Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw! A win over Johnnie Robbie could give him some momentum to challenge for the National Title – no matter who will leave MPW Summerfest as Champion.

Lam’s POV: It is a must-win situation for Dustin Daniels. After losing to Darwin Finch last week he can’t effort to lose another match. He has to find something to defeat Johnnie Robbie because with all that momentum Johnnie is the favorite to win this match here.

Jason Levi impressed the MPW Faithfuls when he made his debut against Duke Bennett – of all people! He hold his own against the American Grizzly but couldn’t get the job done. He made it clear that wasn’t over and challenged him once again last week on MPW Face Your Fears! The match was made official – but will Jason Levi be able to focus on this match? He was “offered” a backup / job by Crypto Cartel! Crypto Cartel is well known for not playing by the rules and desperate to win by any costs… Something Jason Levi would need to beat Duke Bennett – who is bouncing back from his Millennium Cup Series loss!

Lam’s POV: Even though Duke Bennett goes as a favorite in this match – this offer by Crypto Cartel could change the ending of this match! For Jason Levi it would be huge win to start his career with a win over Duke Bennett! But after seeing his passionate promo after facing Duke Bennett the first time I don’t see him accepting this offer. Duke Bennett will win this one and will have his eyes set on the MPW National Title.

Speaking of Crypto Cartel – they have been on a losing streak for a couple of weeks now and needs a victory! El Primohenio will go one on one with Mylo! Both faced each other in their MPW debut last year in the summer. So it is a rematch in the making! Mylo had her problems with Crypto Cartel in the past few weeks so this could be sweet revenge for her!

Lam’s POV: Crypto Cartel desperately needs a win after suffering multiple big losses the lsst couple of weeks. If the entire group will be out there on El Primohenio’s side they will win as Mylo will not have someone having her back this time…

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