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It’s the one night of the year when Millennium Pro Wrestling goes XTREME! 4 Matches have been announced and each Match has something on the line! Let us take a look!

What a run by Miggy Rose it has been so far. 6 tough titles defense are in the record book and he is ready to extend that statistic but will he be able to do that? He will defend the Championship against Auntie Hydie in a “Into The Void” Match! Auntie Hydie & The Void were on a losing streak the entire summer but coming near Halloween they regained some strength back. It was enough for Auntie Hydie to get some victories to be confident enough to challenge Miggy Rose for the Championship. Throughout the past couple weeks the Champion went through the Void members in Single competition. While Miggy Rose is able to adapt when the back is against the wall, will he able to do so in a “Into The Void” Match?

5 Competitors, 1 Match & 1 Championship Opportunity on the horizon! It’ll be physical & it will be XTREME! Let us take a look at all 5 competitors in this contest.

JOHNNIE ROBBIE: While everyone’s goal in this match will be to win the match, Johnnie Robbie’s goal could be to make Ray Rosas a livin’ hell after he turned on her. Dealing with a injury & Ray Rosas’ betrayal Johnnie’s summer must have been a mental struggle. But now being back full force she will make sure that she will get some revenge on her former mentor – and a Championship opportunity!

DIEGO VALENS: The Handsome Devil had some bad luck lately in Championship Matches by failing to win the MPW Heavyweight & Tag Team Championships or to become the No. 1 Contender for the MPW National Championship. He wants to rewrite his 2022 statistic and with a win in this Match he could get closer to another MPW Championship Match against Nemesis Miggy Rose.

TYLER BATEMAN: THE GAWD DAMN MAN is perfect for the King Of Xtreme Match because not only can he punish his opponents with his strikes but every weapon which is around ringside! A win would also put him back into the title picture – a title he couldn’t win earlier this year! So a possible rematch vs. Miggy Rose could motivate him even more to win this match.

RAY ROSAS: Since turning his back on his former protege Johnnie Robbie, Ray Rosas has been on a roll! He is undefeated in his Rosas Invitational Matches and is motivated to prove to everyone why he is still the best Wrestler in Southern California. He hasn’t held Championship Gold for a while so this could play a huge factor – especially with him trying to prove his point!

FRANKIE FRANK: The last time Frankie Frank was in Millennium Pro Wrestling he unsuccessfully challenged The Enterprise for the MPW Tag Team Championships alongside Diego Valens. He is going into this match as the dark horse but maybe because of it he could walk out as the surprise winner as in a King Of Xtreme Match everything is possible.

The Brothers Divine will defend their MPW Tag Team Championships once again against Crypto Cartel – this time in a TABLES MATCH! In a traditional Tag Team Match the Champions would have the advantage over the Challengers but in a Tables Match it could be the opposite. Why? Because Crypto Cartel has the numbers game with Jack Slammer outside who can interfere without any problems. And it would be enough to put one person through the table! Could we see new Tag Team Champions or will the Brothers Divine overcome the odds?

“JACKED” Dustin Daniels is showed the MPW Faithfuls that he is ready to finally be a Singles Champion and he has the biggest momentum going in Millennium Pro. He defeated Bucio in a Loser Leaves Town Match, Robin Shaw in a unofficial MPW North American Championship Match & Diego Valens to become No. 1 Contender. Meanwhile… Super Beetle went through war with The Enterprise and is ready to prove that he is a fighting Champion – just like in his Match vs. Koto Hiro. With Falls Count Anywhere Match anything is possible. The decision can happen in the ring, ringside, in the crowd, in the locker room, on the stairs or outside of the building! One thing is for sure… Dustin Daniels is a dangerous threat for Super Beetle’s title reign!

** Milennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and is available to watch on Youtube! **

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