Millennium Pro Wrestling is one week away from having the California Classic event! Grizzly Death will be the last roadblock, the last chance to get momentum.

After losing to Johnnie Robbie at MPW Summerfest Duke Bennett wants to reach the next level – by winning the California Classic! He was the first who declared himself as the next winner of the California Classic and has put everyone on notice by beating several opponents including The Baphomet – who could be a threat to the American Grizzly – last week. But this week his momentum could end by the GAWD DAMN MAN!

Bryan Carter made the match official via Pinky last week after Duke Bennett defeated The Baphoment. After losing the MPW Championship Match to Miggy Rose the former ROH 6-Man World Tag Team Champion is ready to take on everyone – especially like someone as big as Duke Bennett. Who is the biggest threat in MPW? Will the American Grizzly overcome the GAWD DAMN MAN this week at Grizzly Death?

IT’S OFFICIAL! Miggy Rose will defend his MPW Championship against WATTS! Bryan Carter made it via Pinky official after Miggy defeated Artorias in a non-title Match. Not only is this a huge MPW Championship Match but also the chance for Miggy Rose to get a victory back. Last year at the Anniversary show the both faced each other in a Single Match – after Rose taunted Watts for several weeks. Watts defeated Miggy Rose at the MPW Anniversary Show, but can he do it again?

This week it’ll be a Tag Team Match between Miggy Rose & Diego Valens and Watts & Michael Hopkins! Speaking of Diego Valens, the Handsome Devil cost Watts & Michael Hopkins the MPW Tag Team Championships at MPW Come To Collect months ago. So there is a chance for revenge for Watts & Hopkins – especially knowing that Diego Valens will challenge for the MPW Tag Team Championships at MPW California Classic. It’s about momentum and revenge in this match. Who will go out as the winners before the California Classic event?

He finally did it! Chris Nasty scored his first victory in his young MPW career against former MPW National Champion Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez last week! But that isn’t it… Due to his impressive performences and his win over a former Champion Miggy rewarded him with a spot in the California Classic – which was declined by Bryan Carter the week prior! This week he’ll face MPW National (North American) Champion Robin Shaw. With his previous win and earning himself a California Classic spot he will be motivated to beat The Kingmaker.

Robin Shaw, the Undisputed MPW National & North American Champion, just defeated Bamboo at the recent MPW event and is now set to defend BOTH (!) titles against Brendan Divine! Why are both titles on the line? Because The Kingmaker is confident that he can beat Brendan Divine – especially after he defeated The Believer in his first title defense at LVL UP RAISE UP which marked Robin Shaw’s victory over Brendan Divine. And with this confidence he will make sure that he will go into MPW California Classic with huge momentum!

It will not be a easy for Chris Nasty but a upset victory over Robin Shaw would not only change his career path but also could give Nasty a huge argument for a future MPW National Championship Match!

Speaking of Brendan Divine. After another MOTY Candidate where he defeated Jordan Cruz in a 2-Out-3-Falls Match the Believer challenged The Kingmaker Robin Shaw for the MPW National Championship at California Classic (as mentioned).

His huge roadblock before the California Classic will be The Enterprise’s hired Mercanery Leo CaƱedo! Both are no strangers to each other as they faced each other few weeks ago at Level Up Pro Wrestling Showcase. Can Leo stop Brendan’s momentum before he face The Kingmaker?

Huge stakes in this Fatal 4 Way Match! Bucio, AMF, Dustin Daniels & Rebel Storm will fight in this Fatal 4 Way Match to NOT get pinned or submit because the one who takes the loss will enter the California Classic as the No.1 entrant! Let us take a look at the competitors.

BUCIO: Bucio suffered some big losses since losing the MPW National Championship against The Kingmaker Robin Shaw at MPW Summerfest. To get rid of The Enterprise Bucio convinced Dustin “JACKED” Daniels to a FULL SEND return. While they lost the MPW Tag Team Championship Match to The Enterprise they got a win back against The Enterprise back last week! But at the California Classic it will be every person for themselves. Could this 4 Way & California Classic put a crack on FULL SEND once again?

DUSTIN DANIELS: Dustin Daniels also went through a rollercoster in his win-loss record. While he was not very excited about the FULL SEND reunion it could help him to get back on track. But if the opportunity presents itself… Will he throw Bucio out to get closer to a Single Championship Match?

AMF: Since losing the MPW National Championship AMF has been on a losing streak in Single & Tag Team competition including the recent loss to MPW newcomer Chris Nasty. AMF will do everything he can to change that in that Fatal 4 Way + not starting the California Classic as No. 1!

REBEL STORM: The Thunder Wonder has had some devastating months in Millennium Pro Wrestling. First the surprising loss of the MPW Tag Team Championships, J2 Mattioli heartbreaking betrayal and the emotional loss to The Playmaker… But he wants to turn the page for him with the California Classic! So a loss in that Fatal 4 Way is no option. But can he control his emotions in this match?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, CA and is available to watch on Youtube **

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