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Bryan Carter named Pinky Santino the Bozo Of The Week after Pinky put Chris Nasty in the California Classic. Pinky “accepted” the title – because if not Bryan Carter would have fired him.

1. Match
MPW Undisputed North American Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw defeated Chris Nasty
• Robin Shaw cut a promo about his upcoming title match vs. Brendan Divine at California Classic

Pinky cut a promo on Bryan Carter.

2. Match
AMF defeated Rebel Storm, Dustin Daniels & Bucio by pinning Rebel Storm
• per Stipulation Rebel Storm starts California Classic as No. 1

AMF cut a backstage promo about El Primohenio & Jack Slammer being his shields at California Classic.

Rebel Storm is motivated because he must start as No. 1 and cut a promo about his position. He had Mr. Cane in his hands…

Full Send talked about the upcoming California Classic and it looks like they are back full time!

3. Match
Brendan Divine defeated Leo Canedo w/ Robin Shaw
• Brendan Divine cut a promo backstage about his upcoming title match vs. Robin Shaw at California Classic

4. Match
Watts & Michael Hopkins w/ Bryan Carter defeated MPW Champion Miggy Rose & Diego Valens

Main Event
Duke Bennett defeated Tyler Bateman

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