Millennium Pro Wrestling will held FRENIMIES on Friday, May 13 2022 from Nordhof PL, Chatsworth. This event will have 5 matches including 3 Championship Matches!

Barbie Boi vs. Miggy Rose for the MPW Championship… A rivalry which started back in 2021 when Barbie Boi won his first MPW Championship at the Anniversary Show. Back then Miggy Rose tried everything to beat Barbie Boi but failed to recapture the title at The King Of Xtreme 2021 event. But this is a different Miggy Rose. This is not the Miggy Rose who doesn’t give a crap about the crowd or his opponents health. THIS Miggy Rose is a fan favorite and fights with heart! The support of the crowd & his newly found fighting heart lead him to his Millennium Cup Series Win. But can he finally beat Barbie Boi?

Barbie Boi is the current reigning & defending MPW Champion in his second run. After his first run was ended by Danny Divine (currently injured) – who cashed in his Naughty Or Nice Scramble Match title shot – Barbie Boi won the title back at DreamOn against Dustin Daniels. Since then he defended the title against Hunter Freeman & “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw.

The crowd will be splitt on that one. Both are fan favorites and have been in high profile matches for the title.

Cyber Storm (J2 Mattioli & Rebel Storm) will defend their Tag Team Titles against the odd team of Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz! Why odd? Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz have been in a rivalry for months! First their Match Of The Year 2021 in the Gladiator’s Mini-Tournament which started all. At The Gauntlet Event in March Jordan Cruz was the surprised participant in the Gauntlet Match for the MPW National Championship and cost Brendan Divine the title. They faced each other for the second time at Read Me My Rights where “The Modern Day Spartan” made Brendan TAP-OUT! This loss was a big motivation for Brendan Divine to win the Millennium Cup Series where he made it to the finals. At the end it was Miggy Rose who won the cup.

But are they teaming up? Last week on Rose From The Ashes [by the time the article was published the Event wasn’t on Youtube yet] Jordan Cruz defeated one half of the MPW Tag Team Champions J2 Mattioli in a One on One Match! After the match General Manager Bryan Carter announced that Brendan & Jordan will team up to challenge for the titles! Can they co-exist and win the Tag titles? Or will Cyber Storm retain?

Bucio shocked the Millennium Pro Wrestling fans when he was added to the MPW National Championship Match – which was supposed to be Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez (c) vs. Brendan Divine – and won the title! Since Full Send disbanded Bucio has been on a up and down road in MPW. He challenged for the MPW National Title in the past but was unsuccessful against former Champion AMF. But can he defend the title against all odds? AMF will surely bring Jack Slammer & El Primohenio with him to make sure that the title comes home with him.

Since Bryan Carter kicked Diego Valens out of the Bryan Corporation the Handsome Devil is back! He made it to the Millennium Cup Series Final by beating Bucio (Round One) & Che Cabera (Round Two) by his own and has his focus on Bryan Carter. After facing El Primohenio last week Valens will face current reigning Level Up Champion & The Enterprise’s own Cameron August! Cameron August recently defended the title successfully against KC Douglas at Level Up presents UltraBowl 2. Some might say that this match up was made by Bryan Carter to get rid of Diego Valens (and because The Enterprise want Robin Shaw’s MPW North American Title to be recognized). So it’s a deal deal situation for them… Will Diego Valens have the last laugh in that situation and ruin the plans?

Since his own title win in Alabama and making his protegĂ© Cameron August Level Up Champion Sweet Robin Shaw wants to be recognized as The Kingmaker & the MPW North American Champion! But there is one problem: The MPW Management doesn’t recognized the North American Championship (yet). Robin Shaw will not stop until MPW finally recognize his title. His opponent this week: Some Dude Chillin. SDC is a fellow Level Up Wrestler and debuted for MPW weeks ago at Fools Errand. Will SDC make Shaw chill this Friday on MPW?

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