Millennium Pro Wrestling is on the road to MPW California Classic! The winner of that Rumble Match will receive a Championship opportunity at the Anniversary Show in September. But the Road to the California Classic will not be easy one – especially with this event: MPW Fight Forever!

Brendan Divine. Jordan Cruz. 2 OUT 3 FALLS MATCH! The Grudge Match in this historic rivalry which gave us 2 SoCal Match Of The Year (Candidate) Matches! And it all started in 2021…

Brendan Divine just lost the MPW National Championship to (The Void) J2 Mattioli and tried to regain his Championship. At the same time Jordan Cruz climbed up the rankings to get himself a Championship Match too. Both faced each other in the National Title No. 1 Contenders Tournament Final at MPW Black Friday and delievered a classic!

Brendan defeated Jordan and became the No. 1 contender to the National title – which he won back at MPW Naughty Or Nice from J2 Mattioli by overcoming the odds. His National Championship was a impressive one with title defenses over the likes of Tyler Bateman, Hoss Hog and Che Cabera. But it came to a end… Thanks To Jordan Cruz!

The Modern Spartan returned to MPW as the Mystery Entry in the Gauntlet Match for the MPW National Championship and cost Brendan Divine the title! With revenge on his mind the rematch was set at Read Me My Rights… But revenge was in for Jordan Cruz when he made Brendan Divine Tap-Out in a Cross Armbreaker!

Motivated by this loss Brendan Divine was focused to win the Millennium Cup. He reached the finals after defeating AMF & Dustin Daniels but couldn’t win the Cup which was won by the current MPW Champion Miggy Rose! Frustration continue to grew when his MPW National Title Match with AMF turned into a 3-Way and Bucio won the title due to outside interference by Jack Slammer – who prevented Brendan Divine from winning back the title! After the match we saw Brendan Divine lashing out on everyone in a promo until Jordan Cruz came out and made his Championship intentions clear. Both got their title match – but as a team for the MPW Tag Team Championships!

Both were not happy with it but to the shock of all they defeated Cyber Storm for the MPW Tag Team Championships! Despite barely existing team chemistry they both were able to defend the titles against The Void & The Shady Boyz. It was just a matter of time when this team explode and it happend at MPW Big Bad Beetle Battle! Jordan Cruz left Brendan Divine in the middle of the match which lead to The Enterprise winning the MPW Tag Team Championship! Brendan got a bit of revenge when he distracted Jordan Cruz in his match against Johnnie Robbie at MPW Star Spangled.

But now it’s time for the Grudge Match! Who will walk out as the ultimate winner of this rivalry? Brendan Divine or Jordan Cruz?

Lam’s POV: Not only is this the Grudge Match between those two, it could also be billed as a No. 1 Contenders Match. I know this match will steal the show that night but unsure who will win this one. Especially with the scheduled MPW Championship Match the landscape of MPW could be changed forever… As hard as it is I go with Brendan Divine here.

Could this be the year of J2 Mattioli? While regaining the Level Up Championship at Drop It Like Its Hot we saw a total different J2 in Millennium Pro Wrestling…

The Playmaker shocked the MPW Faithfuls when he turned on his Cyber Storm partner Rebel Storm and created a new persona. A mix of The Void’s J2 & The Playmaker J2. With that new persona he defeated Diego Valens & recently Rebel Storm to become No. 1 Contender. He truly found his best self… A strong & dominant J2 Mattioli…

It is not the first time for Miggy Rose that he is looked as the underdog – despite being the Champion. He proved from time and time again that he can overcome the odds and beat the bests of the bests like Tyler Bateman or Diego Valens! But can he beat J2 Mattioli in his current persona?

Lam’s POV: As much as we all enjoy Miggy Rose as MPW Champion – this could be the end of his title reign. We all remember how dominant J2 Mattioli as MPW National Champion was under The Void. But now with his new persona as he controls his own narrative he could be even more dominant than ever. I see J2 Mattioli walking out with the MPW Championship here.

Who imagined that Dustin “Jacked” Daniels & Bucio will get back together as Full Send after what happend earlier this year? But maybe this is something that both need in their careers right now! But what lead to the return of Full Send? Let us take a look back…

It all started when Bucio won the MPW National Championship at MPW Rose From The Ashes – which he got added last second. It could have been a great title run it if wasn’t for Robin Shaw who was desperate to get his MPW North American Championship recognized (MPW Managament still doesn’t recognized the title as of this writing). The Kingmaker became a big problem for Bucio which lead to a title change at MPW Summerfest. He has not been able to get back into the title picture because of The Enterprise which is why he ask for help… From his former Tag Team partner Dustin “Jacked” Daniels.

Since Full Send broke up Dustin Daniels went through a win-loss rollercoaster and the path is unclear for him. BUT he has a DQ win over The Kingmaker Robin Shaw prior his MPW National Title win and since then Daniels made it clear that he wants the “MPW North American Alabama Championship” from Robin Shaw. He declined Bucio’s offer two weeks ago but last week he accepted it. But why? Well… If he beats The Enterprise he gets closer to Robin Shaw’s MPW National | North American Championship! And having a Championship around his waist would boost him back into a higher place on the rankings. For The Enterprise it will be a tough title defense against the former MPW Tag Team Champions who defeated the Brothers Divine last year to become Champions!

Lam’s POV: While Full Send has the same in mind to defeat The Enterprise, they are not a unit anymore – despite still having the team chemistry in them. With both having the MPW National Title in their mind it could distract them from winning the Tag Team Titles which is why I see The Enterprise winning. Also because Robin Shaw will make sure that none of those both will come close to the MPW North American Championship.

After losing the MPW Championship Ladder Match at MPW Summerfest & losing to the new J2 Mattioli persona Diego Valens path was unclear. But he proves once again that you should never count him out! Last week at Eye Of The Storm The Handsome Devil won the Battle Royal hosted by The Enterprise and got himself a MPW Tag Team Championship Match at MPW California Classic! But who’ll be his partner? Stay tuned….

Meanwhile it was announced that he’ll go one on one with Richie Slade! Richie Slade has a very great run in the United Wrestling Network & Empire Wrestling Federation lately ans will make sure that his MPW appearence will be succulent!

Lam’s POV: I’m very excited to see Richie Slade making his way to MPW. It will be a good match with Diego Valens and I think Valens will win this one. Very important for him to build up momentum before going into the California Classic.

Chris Nasty had a impressive showing in his MPW debut against MPW Champion Miggy Rose. But this Friday he’ll have his hands full against someone who also lost to Miggy Rose: TYLER BATEMAN!

The GAWD DAMN MAN is not in a very good mood after losing the MPW Championship Match and will make Chris Nasty feel that. Can Chris Nasty score a huge upset here in his second Millennium Pro Wrestling match?

Lam’s POV: While Chris Nasty was impressive, Tyler Bateman will win this one. Especially with California Classic coming up he will make sure that he will go into it with all the momentum he can build to face Miggy Rose once again.

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday in Chatsworth, California and available to watch on Youtube! **

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