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What a celebration that was at MPW Anniversary Spectacular! New Champions were crowned, someone left MPW for good and more. This week we’ll see the Fallout of the MPW Anniversary Spectacular.

The MPW Anniversary Spectacular was a very bad night for The Enterprise with Robin Shaw & the duo of Jeff Roth & Cameron August lost all of their MPW gold. This week Jeff Roth will team up with Leo Canedo to take on the new MPW Tag Team Champions Brothers Divine.

Danny & Brendan finally became Tag Team Champions together and are very motivated to held the titles as long as they can. Plus they have something to prove! In the last 8 months the Brothers Divine were not able to team together with Danny Divine being out of action due to a knee injury. Last year there were voted as SoCal Tag Team Of The Year 2021 and with that & the Tag Team Championships in mind they want to defend that this year too.

But the dynamic in this match will be totally different. Why? Leo Canedo! The Mercenary of The Enterprise played a huge role in The Enterprise getting a shot at the MPW Tag Team Championships in the first place back when they won the No. 1 Contenders Match at MPW Summerfest. Will he be the Game Changer in this Match too?

For Super Beetle his return has been now a full success. At MPW Anniversary Spectacular he defeated his former Friendship Farm partner “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw for the MPW National Championship! This week on MPW Fallout the Best Bug is scheduled to face Crypto Cartel’s El Primohenio Trebeca!

El Primohenio Trebeca scored a huge victory over Johnnie Robbie at MPW Pinky vs. Carter. A victory over the MPW National Champion could catapult him into the title picture! And with Crypto Cartel ringside he could have a advantage over Super Beetle…

Ray Rosas shocked the MPW Faithfuls when he attacked his student Johnnie Robbie after losing to Jordan Cruz due to Johnnie throwing in the towel. We have not heard from Rosas since. Will he adress the situation this Friday at MPW Fallout?

He’ll face Diego Valens – who was scheduled to be in the MPW Anniversary Scramble Match but couldn’t participate due to circumstances. Valens pinned Rosas to qualify for the MPW Anniversary Scramble Match 2 weeks prior. Can he do it again?

Auntie Hydie introduced Gin Sevani as her Tag Team Partner to take on Johnnie Robbie & Mylo at MPW Speedway but they came out short. Now they both are scheduled to face each other at MPW Fallout. Who’ll emerge victorious?

Chris Nasty did the unthinkable when he won the MPW Anniversary Scramble and earned himself a Championship Opportunity against MPW Champion Miggy Rose! From a newcomer few months ago to #1 Contender for the MPW Championship – the Lucha Scumbag really earned his spot on the MPW Roster. But will he keep his momentum?

Chris Nasty is scheduled to face Che Cabrera. The last time Che Cabrera was in Millennium Pro Wrestling he lost to Super Beetle, who is now the MPW National Champion. If Latino Meat is able to beat the MPW Championship No. 1 Contender, he could challenge for the Championship himself after Nasty!

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and available watch on Youtube! **

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