Millennium Pro Wrestling presents Face Your Fears this Friday from Chatsworth! On the Matchcard: 5 Matches including the MPW Championship Match & a (unofficial) Champion vs. Champion Match!

The match that was supposed to be happen at Come To Collect on April 15th – Miggy Rose vs. Tyler Bateman will finally happen! And it’ll be for the MPW Championship!

A lot of happend since the match got postponed in April… Miggy Rose won the Millennium Cup Series by defeating Hydie, Duke Bennett, Diego Valens & Brendan Divine. Right after his MPW Cup win he defeated former No. 1 Contender “Jacked” Dustin Daniels before winning the MPW Championship at Frenemies. But defeating the bests of the bests on Millennium Pro Wrestling wasn’t enough for Miggy Rose. Just last week he defeated “The Illustrious” KC Douglas – one of Level Up Wrestling’ best. With all this momentum Miggy Rode came out after the Main Event and confronted the GAWD DAMN MAN Tyler Bateman!

And Tyler Bateman? The former ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Champion is undefeated in Millennium Pro Wrestling since his return and he himself faced the bests of the bests too! Diego Valens (last week on Revolver), The Kingmaker Robin Shaw, El Primohenio, Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz! With beating former & current Champions – and the No. 1 Contender for MPW Summerfest – it makes only sense that he gets a title shot sooner or later. But due to the postponed match Miggy Rose decided to confront Tyler Bateman right after the Main Event!

For Miggy Rose Tyler Bateman is a HUGE roadblock to MPW Summerfest! If he can defeat Bateman he’ll go into the MPW Title Match at MPW Summerfest as the big favorite and will have a advantage over Diego Valens – who lost to Tyler Bateman at last weeks MPW REVOLVER event. But if Bateman wins – what does it mean for MPW Summerfest?

Remember: Diego Valens vs. Miggy Rose for the MPW Championship in a Ladder Match has been announced for MPW Summerfest – but only  if Miggy stays Champion until Summerfest! This match could not only change the Road to MPW Summerfest but the entire landscape of MPW! Why? Because nobody has been able to defeat the GAWD DAMN MAN! High stakes match with the MPW Championship & the future of MPW on the line!

It’s a Champion vs. Champion Match! – Or not? As of this writing the MPW North American Championship is not officially recognized by Millennium Pro Wrestling.

MPW National Champion Bucio (V2) will go one on one with (unofficial) MPW North American Champion The Enterprise’s “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw! Robin Shaw has been very vocal about his North American Championship not being recognized by the sanctioned organization. And to show why his title should be recognized The Kingmaker announced on social media that he’ll defend his North American Title in this (unofficial) Champion vs. Champion Match!

So what could happen? If Bucio wins, will he unify the North American Title into his National Title? But what happens if Robin Shaw wins? Will his title be recognized or will he get a title match for the MPW National Championship?

CYBER STORM returns to MPW! This is the first appearence by J2 Mattioli & Rebel Storm since losing the MPW Tag Team Championships at Frenemies few weeks ago (May 13, 2022) and of course they wanna get back to the title picture. The two-time MPW Tag Team Champions will face The Crypto Cartel (AMF & El Primohenio Trebeca) this week on Face Your Fears.

The Crypto Cartel don’t have a easy time lately… First both got eliminated in the Millennium Cup Series Round One and right after that AMF lost the MPW National Championship to Bucio. He failed to regain the MPW National Title and they recently lost to the brand new team of Johnnie Robbie & Shane Haste. For them it’s more than just getting back on winning way – as they have their eyes on the MPW Tag Team Championships too! Whoever gets the win will get closer to a MPW Tag Team Championship Match!

Jack Slammer is The Crypto Cartel’s insurance policy. With his help AMF was able to win matches but lately Crypto Cartel has been on a losing streak – even Jack Slammer couldn’t changed that. But due to his interferences he made some enemies in the back – one of them: Brendan Divine! The current MPW Tag Team Champion had a lot of problems with Crypto Cartel in the last few months for the MPW National Championship and Jack Slammer was one of the main problems! This week on MPW Face Your Fears Brendan will have his chance to get his revenge on Slammer – who make his official In-Ring debut! How will Jack Slammer do against one of MPW’s Cornerstones?

Dustin “Jacked” Daniels has been very vocal on social media since defeating (unofficial) MPW North American Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw via DQ. He demands that Robin Shaw hands him over the Alabama (North American) Championship – but that has been declined so far (because he won via DQ & Championships don’t change hands via DQ). This week he’ll go one on one with the returning Darwin Finch!

Darwin Finch – who has been active back on Santino Bros Wrestling – wants to prove to himself & the fans that he can hang with the best every promotion has to offer. For both men this showcase match could help them to get momentum for the next chapter.

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