What a chaotic Friday last week it was in Chatsworth, California! After kicking off the Fourth Of July weekend with MPW Star Spangled Millennium Pro Wrestling will held Eye Of The Storm this Friday and a lot on the line in those 6 Matches!

What a road to this match that was… It was Rebel Storm who fought the Void to rescue J2 Mattioli from their spell. And at MPW I Need A Hero he was finally able to break the spell! After that event both fought together as a Team and became 2x MPW Tag Team Champions! But since losing the Tag Team Championships the team struggled to get back into the title picture…

Frustration grew in J2 Mattioli – not only because Cyber Storm couldn’t get back to the title picture but because of the talk how dominant & strong EVIL J2 MATTIOLI was under the spell of Auntie Hydie. When they finally lost to The Enterprise in a No. 1 Contenders Match he knew something needed to change… And that change was to get rid of his Tag Team partner! To the shock of the MPW Faithfuls he knocked out Rebel Storm from behind with a stiff Forearm Smash.

But that wasn’t enough. After the shocking turn videos appeared on social media showing the change of J2 Mattioli…. He has only one thing on his mind and that is gold! For Rebel Storm it is a great opportunity to battle for the No. 1 contendership but this is more a personal thing. Still heartbroken Rebel Storm will do everything he can to get a win over J2 Mattioli – his former friend & Tag Team partner. Who’ll walk out as the new No. 1 contender?

Lam’s POV: While J2 Mattioli goes into this No. 1 Contenders Match as the favorite – and as the winner of that match – but you should never count out Rebel’s heart. Whenever the odds are against him Rebel Storm finds a way to overcome them. This will be a very emotional match.

It’s a MPW Summerfest Re-Match! Bucio will go one on one with the MPW Undisputed National-North American Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw!

While this will not be for the Championship, it is another great opportunity for Bucio to get closer to a rematch for the MPW National Championship. But what if he loses again?

That would make legitimatize the win of Robin Shaw from MPW Summerfest even more and that he is the only and true Undisputed MPW National | North American Champion.

Lam’s POV: With Super Beetle being out of action due to injury – We wish him a Speedy recovery here – The Kingmaker Robin Shaw is without a potential contender and he will make sure that it will stay that way by beating the former Champion. If Bucio could score a victory it would be a huge upset!

The Enterprise will host a Battle Royal where the winner receives a Championship Match at the MPW California Classic event on August 5th! Who’ll challenge for the MPW Undisputed National | North American or MPW Tag Team Championships?

Lam’s POV: While no participants were announced I could see someone like Duke Bennett win this one. Not only because he has a weight & height advantage over a lot of competitors but he also has a pinfall victory over The Kingmaker Robin Shaw in the past. A Shaw vs. Bennett rematch for the title would be a tough test for Shaw’s MPW Undisputed National | North American Title run.

Johnnie Robbie. Mylo. Venue Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Championship! This is a long time coming for both Women. Both are very familiar with each other due to the fact that they were teaming for a while last year and being friends outside the ring. But this time it is about who is the best! And who can be the next Woman breaking out of the SoCal scene!
Mylo has more experience with competing outside of Southern California as she competed in Las Vegas & Arizona here and there. Plus: She was on AEW Dark! Meanwhile Johnnie Robbie kicked in her career with some great matches on Millennium Pro Wrestling, debuted on TV for United Wrestling Network and gaining TMDK’s Shane Haste as her new Tag Team Partner!

Speaking of United Wrestling Network both faced each other on the first episode of the new-branded Championship Wrestling where Johnnie came out victorious over Mylo! Will that happen once again this Friday at MPW Eye Of The Storm?

Lam’s POV: Mylo just turned her fate around in Millennium Pro Wrestling by defeating Auntie Hydie last week! Prior to that she was on a losing streak with suffering multiple losses to the Crypto Cartel members. With facing Johnnie Robbie for the VWE Women’s Championship it’s all or nothing for Mylo! Johnnie Robbie on the other hand will do everything she can to defend her title – which she won to end her Rookie year few months ago. For this match Johnnie Robbie is my pick to win this match, especially after she defeated “The American Grizzley” Duke Bennett at MPW Summerfest and pinning Jordan Cruz last week!

As mentioned Duke Bennett lost to Johnnie Robbie at MPW Summerfest. Not only that but Duke Bennett showed her once again a rare moment of respect. For Bennett it is all about building momentum again to get a Championship opportunity soon.

Some Dude Chilln’ might have picked the wrong date & opponent to return to Millennium Pro Wrestling. Especially with one day before LEVEL UP WRESTLING RAISE UP! But maybe this match will be a great experience for him to learn to be more aggressive – the thing Artorias wants him to be!

Lam’s POV: While Duke Bennett will be the favorite and possibly the winner, it will be interesting to watch how SDC will adjust to his opponent. Maybe he can make him chill…

After defeating Chris Nasty last week Miggy Rose is still looking for his next challenger to the MPW Championship. This week he’ll team up with Brendan Divine to face Crypto Cartel! For Crypto Cartel it is a huge opportunity because they could get a win over the current MPW Champion and former MPW National & Tag Team Champion and if they are successful one of them or both as a team could gain a Championship opportunity. For Brendan Divine this match is a great way to get some aggression out after what happend with Jordan Cruz and the MPW Tag Team Championships.

Lam’s POV: While in that match there is nothing on stake for Crypto Cartel it is a great opportunity to showcase themselves against MPW’s bests. Especially with the team chemistry of Crypto Cartel growing that should be a interesting Tag Team Match. Aside of that I see Miggy Rose & Brendan Divine going out here as the winners.

**Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and is also available to watch on Youtube!**

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