MPW EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: MPW Champion Danny Divine about his Road from Injury back to the top, why this Title reign ks the most important his Match vs Dustin Daniels, Future of MPW & More!

Danny Divine is the current, reigning and defending MPW Champion and in his 5th title reign. He is also one half of the Divine Brothers. We like to thank Danny Divine for his time for this Interview.

Lam Son: Mr. Divine, thank you for taking some time off your busy schedule for this exclusive Interview with

Danny Divine: You’re welcome, I’m a big fan of the site and all the support you guys give SoCal wrestling.

Lam Son: Thank you for your kind words, Chanp. So we’re one week away from CA Classic – where you will defend your MPW Championship against your former protege Dustin “Jacked” Daniels. But before we talk about that match, let us talk about what happend last year (2022). You were the MPW Champion at the start of 2022 but a potential career ending knee injury stopped your reign. You returned at last years CA Classic event and fought your way back to the MPW Championship. Tell us about your road to recovery and your way back to the top of Millennium Pro Wrestling.

Danny Divine: Yeah big match coming up, if Dustin is medically cleared from what I’m hearing. However to answer your question, dealing with my knee injury was one of the most challenging things in my life. My leg was locked for 10 weeks I couldn’t straighten my leg. Everyday was painful. However all I thought about was reclaiming the MPW Title. I’ve been with MPW 8 years holding the MPW title is the most important thing in the world to me. I returned at the CA Classic last year and things didn’t go my way. Ended up going on to win tag team gold with my brother until last December finally getting my chance to fight for and win the MPW title for a historic 5th time.

Lam Son: You mentioned that this is your 5th run with the MPW Championship. A lot of fans – old and newer fans of MPW – have the opinion this title reign means so much to you. So much that you do whatever it takes to remain Champion. Is that so? And why is this title reign maybe your most important title reign of all 5 reigns?

Danny Divine: Look in regards to people saying things about how I retain my championship. I do what I have to do. MPW is better when I’m champion, every match I’ve won I did fairly , if things happen outside my control and I take advantage that’s just part of being as good as I am. If more young wrestlers modeled after me like Dustin was starting too maybe they would be champion one day.

This reign is so important because I believe MPW is in its golden era. Some of the best talent from all over the world come to MPW to cut their teeth. I’m the one holding the flag and leading the charge and say what you want about me. I’m a company man always have been. I think the reign has more eyes on me then ever which means more eyes on MPW.

Lam Son: You mentioned Dustin Daniels so… Lets talk about him. After he defeated Bucio in a Loser Leaves Town Match last year he was kinda lost in the shuffle before you & your brother Brendan Divine took him under your wings. He even won the MPW Tag Team Titles with you brother. Why did you took Dustin Daniels under your wing back then? To keep him down and away from contendership to your title?

Danny Divine: Pretty strong accusations coming from an unbiased news source! Look Dustin Daniels started training at MPW back in 2018 he was 15 years old. I was his first ever pro match. I saw myself in Dustin. I wanted to be for Dustin what I never had. I’m sure his time on top will come it’s not now. He could of stayed with us and we would of continued helping him, but Dustin unfortunately learned the hard way you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Lam Son: Interesting point of view… So you always saw the potential of Dustin Daniels right from the beginning. It looks like that his time with you Divine Brothers already helped his development. After losing the Tag Team Titles he got himself a National Title match vs. Diego Valens (which you cost him) and got big wins over Juicy Finau, Leo Canedo, Super Beetle & Jordan Cruz! That are big wins over potential No. 1 Contenders right there. Are you worried that CA Classic could be Dustin Daniels’ night to become MPW Champion?

Danny Divine: Ofcourse I always saw potential in him, that’s why I brought him into the fold with Brendan and I. Dustin has been on a little hot streak no doubt. Am I worried about him no. To be honest with you I’d be surprised if Dustin makes it to the Classic.

Lam Son: You’re referring to Dustin’s injury… At this moment the information is out that Dustin Daniels is out of action due to a injured sternum – which he hurt in his Match with Jordan Cruz and of course the assault you, the Divine Brothers, gave him. As we know now, tomorrow on MPW: Civil War, MPW General Manager Pinky Santinos will adress your action! Are you afraid that Pinky could strip you of the title after putting the Main Event of MPW: CA Classic in jeopardy?

Danny Divine: Look… Dustin has put his hands on me on more then 1 occasion in the past weeks. If you recall, after he lost to Diego Valens he shoved and blamed me. So what I did last week was getting even. I’m sure Pinky will have some words for me. However, I also know Pinky wants to sell tickets and me as the champion sells tickets. The CA Classic will be a great event, maybe I’ll sit and do commentary with the boss if I don’t have a match.

Lam Son: Well, that would open the opportunity for you to watch the CA Classic on ringside. Maybe the winner of the CA Classic Rumble could challenge you for the MPW Championship right after the Rumble. Your own brother Brendan Divine is in it. If he wins, he could challenge you for the title…? Any thoughts about that?

Danny Divine: I’ll be watching that rumble very very closely. Brendan is my pick to win it all. However I’m sure he will select the National Title or even the Tag titles. Brothers don’t fight.

Lam Son: Hmm… I see. Let us talk about the future of MPW a bit. The Millennium Pro Wrestling Academy brought out a lot of great wrestlers in the past such as yourself, Brendan, Robin Shaw, Dustin Daniels, Bucio, Johnnie Robbie and most recently Maximilian Montclair. The roster is loaded with your own trained students / talents. At the same time a lot of talents from other Wrestling Schools such as Santino Bros Academy or San Diego Pro Wrestling Academy are coming to MPW to get more & different experience. Plus we had some international talents coming to MPW too like Shota, Taylor King & Julian Ward. What does the future hold for MPW?

Danny Divine: The future of MPW is always bright. You nailed by pointing out everyone that comes. Simply put MPW is a destination, it’s a place people want to be and I think it will continue to be that. With me as the leader and representing it as champion. Sky is the limit.

Lam Son: You’re the current MPW Champion. You’re also one half of the NTLL Tag Team Champions with your brother Brendan. What goals do you have for the future – in & outside of MPW?

Danny Divine: My goals at MPW is to continue to put MPW on the map. Outside of that Brendan and I want to explore more shows both in and out of CA and showcase our ability as a tag team. Wouldn’t mind collect some more titles as well.

Lam Son: We, at, wish you & Millennium Pro Wrestling all the best for the CA Classic and beyond that. Any last words for the MPW Fans?

Danny Divine: I’d just like to thank Alliance for taking the time to do this interview. The fans? Not really I hope they are happy. They got in poor Dustin’s head for weeks now his future in uncertain and that’s on them. Hope to see everyone at the CA Classic!

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