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We’re one week away from the Millennium Pro Wrestling Anniversary Spectacular! So Endangered will be the final stop, the final chance to get momentum before going into the biggest show of the year. This week we have 3 matches – with Scramble Match spots on the line! Who’ll make it to the Anniversary Show!

The 2 Single Championships – MPW & MPW Undisputed National Championship – will be on the line at the MPW Anniversary Spectacular! But before that we get a small preview this week in form of a Tag Team Match!

Duke Bennett & Undisputed MPW National | North American Champion Robin Shaw will face MPW Champion Miggy Rose & Super Beetle! A win over the other before the upcoming Championship Matches would be a huge statement – especially for Miggy Rose & Super Beetle!

At the Pinky vs. Bryan 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match Duke Bennett knocked out Miggy Rose on the outside before rolling him back to the ring. While being eliminiated himself due to the 10 Count the American Grizzly was responsible for the MPW Champion being eliminated by Michael Hopkins. Last week Miggy Rose got that pinfall loss back when he defeated Michael Hopkins but celebration was cut short when Duke Bennett came in to attack the Champion! Can Rose get some momentum before the Anniversary title defense or will Bennett send another message that he has Rose’s number?

For Super Beetle its the last chance to prove Robin Shaw that the Super Bug is back and take his title! Super Beetle defeated Jeff Roth in a Open Challenge to gain this Championship Match and was supposed to face Leo Canedo but due to circumstances the match was postponed. Is that momentum enough? When Beetle returned vs. The Enterprise he was injured in the 6-Man Tag Team Match and he wants to show that he can resist pain despite not having the best of luck since coming back. Robin Shaw will do everything he can to weaken his former partner before they meet next week!

Last week Brothers Divine defeated The Block to earn themselves a MPW Tag Team Championship Match at the MPW Anniversary Spectacular! This week we will get a small preview with Danny Divine vs. the returning Cameron August!

We haven’t seen Cameron August in action for awhile now so he will come into this match very rested. On the other hand Danny Divine is getting his mojo back more and more with all those matches lately. Whoever wins this match could have a slightly advantage at the MPW Anniversary Show!

Despite impressive performences Chris Nasty still feels that he has something to prove. After last weeks win over Dustin Daniels he asked MPW General Manager Pinky to give him a rematch against Tyler Bateman! When the Lucha Scumbag faced the GAWD DAMN MAN before, he just made his debut on MPW and maybe wasn’t ready yet. But now its a different!

Tyler Bateman was supposed to face Johnnie Robbie few weeks ago but due to circumstances it didn’t happen. So he has some frustrations to get out of his system… The strikes Bateman hit are hard already but with frustrations in his mind they could be a knockout instantly! This is a tough test for Chris Nasty on how far he come since his debut… And how far he can get if he is able to beat Bateman! A win over Bateman could give Nasty the biggest momentum of all competitors going into the first ever Anniversary Scramble Match!

Chris Nasty & Michael Hopkins are already in but who will join them in the Anniversary Scramble Match? 3 of MPWs Best will battle it out!

JORDAN CRUZ: Since losing the 2 Out 3 Falls Match to Brendan Divine at MPW Fight Forever the momentum for the Modern Spartan has been a rollercoaster. He did not win the California Classic Rumble – while being considered one of the favorites – and was pinned by Diego Valens in the 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match. Yes he defeated Johnnie Robbie in a dominant way but since then something was missing. This match is a must win for him if he wants to be included in the MPW Anniversary Show – because all other title matches have been official and there is no way he gets into a title match.

RAY ROSAS: Ray Rosas made his shocking return to MPW at the California Classic after being away from MPW for so long. This will be his first real match in MPW after so many months. With being the MPW Head Coach and being a MPW Main Stay so long Sexy Jesus is motivated to have a big role at the MPW Anniversary Show! But will he be focused enough? He has some issues with his student Johnnie Robbie to solve… He eliminated her in the California Classic by accident and threw the towel in when she faced Jordan Cruz. Last week Johnnie Robbie faced El Primohenio and lost via outside interference by AMF. She is very mad at Ray Rosas and made her feelings being heard loud & clear at the Backstage comments.

DIEGO VALENS: Diego Valens has been on a roll since MPW California Classic! Yes he didn’t win the Tag Team Championships but he lead Team Pinky to victory as the sole survivor at Pinky vs. Bryan by pinning not only Jordan Cruz but also his former Tag Team Partner Michael Hopkins – who is in the Anniversary Scramble Match! The former MPW Champion is going into this match as the favorite with his current momentum.

Another 3-Way Match will decide another competitor for the Anniversary Scramble Match!

J2 MATTIOLI: Since his betrayal on Rebel Storm J2 Mattioli’s new persona give him some different energy on MPW. While he didn’t win the California Classic Rumble, he got a huge win over Super Astro Jr. on Millennium Pro Wrestling. The Level Up Champion wants to get closer to the MPW Championship again – after losing to Miggy Rose few weeks ago – and to do so he has to win this & the Scramble Match!

DARWIN FINCH: It has been awhile since Darwin Finch being in MPW but with the opportunity to wrestle at the Anniversary Show and a possible MPW Championship Match this is something he can’t miss. In previous MPW Matches he proves that he can be way more than just a sidekick but he is a professional Wrestler.

SHOTA: SHOTA will be on the road through the United States and Millennium Pro Wrestling is his first stop. This is a great opportunity for both parties – SHOTA will face some great talents from Southern California and while MPW might get some new fans from Japan! Maybe that will also open some doors for MPW…

The last 2 spots will be decided in a Tag Team Match! Former MPW National Champion Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez & The Enterprise’s Mercanery Leo Canedo will face… FULL SEND!? After Bucio & Dustin Daniels interfered in each others Matches new MPW General Manager Pinky made the decision to still give them one opportunity to be on the MPW Anniversary – if they win this Tag Team Match for the Scramble Match spots! While FULL SEND is done and they don’t want to team with each other anymore, they want that chance to compete at the Anniversary Show and to do so they will unite their team chemistry for one night only once again… Leo & AMF do not have team experience with each other but will do everything they can to win – no matter how dirty the tactics will be!

* Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California & available to watch on Youtube! **

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