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Millennium Pro Wrestling Divinity 2022 | Chatsworth, California

Bryan Carter kicked off the show to adress the situation with Pinky Santino from MPW California Classic (Pinky knocked out Bryan Cartner in the MPW Championship Match to prevent him to get involved). Carter demanded a apology or he will fire Pinky. Pinky apologized to everyone – except for Bryan Carter. After nearly get his hands on the General Manager again, MPW Promoter Logan X came in and made a 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match official for the the MPW General Manager position!

Bryan Carter named his captain for his team: “The MAW” Michael Hopkins!

1. Match
Diego Valens defeated Ju Dizz w/ Barry Sweeney
• Bryan Carter tried to convince Diego Valens to join his team but the Handsome Devil took out his former Manager with the Devil’s Tail and joined Pinky’s team instead!

2. Match
Jeff Roth & Leo Canedo defeated Holy Storm

3. Match
Jordan Cruz defeated Johnnie Robbie w/ Ray Rosas via forfeit when Rosas threw in the towel. Cruz had Robbie in a STF.
• a frustrated Johnnie Robbie walked out on Ray Rosas after they argue about how the match ended

4. Match
Dustin Daniels defeated Bucio
• Bryan Carter came out to offer Dustin Daniels a spot in his team. JACKED Daniels accepted!
• Pinky offered Bucio a spot in his team and he joined Team Pinky!

Miggy Rose adressed the MPW Faithfuls and offered his help for Pinky Santino. Pinky came out backstage and happly announced that Chris Nasty will be on his team too!

Bryan Carter interrupted the two of them and announced that Duke Bennett & Jordan Cruz will join his team!

Main Event
Danny Divine defeated MPW Undisputed National | North American “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw w/ The Enterprise via DQ when Leo Canedo & Jeff Roth interfered.
• Brendan Divine made the save for his brother and the Brothers Divine are reunited for the first time since months! They made their intentions clear that they want to become Tag Team Champions for the first time!


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