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Millennium Pro Wrestling presents California Classic! 3 huge Championship Matches announced and of course… The California Classic Match! Who’ll walk out as the winner and become the No. 1 Contender into MPW Anniversary Show?

The MPW Championship has never been in more jeopardy for Miggy Rose than now. Because he is scheduled to defend his MPW Championship against someone he never beat… WATTS!

What is the story between Miggy Rose and Watts? It all began in 2021. Watts came to Millennium Pro Wrestling and defeated Robin Shaw at Clash Of The Titans. Right after the Match Miggy Rose attacked Watts and for the next few weeks he did a “open challenge” where he called out Watts to a match. Knowing that Watts is not at MPW he “counted him out” – which lead to a “2-0 winning streak”. After weeks of taunting Watts returned to MPW and defeated Miggy Rose at the MPW Anniversary Show!

But it wasn’t over between those two… Miggy Rose went through some wins & losses after that but able to grab one of the gifts at the Naughty Or Nice Match. His present: a Re-Match with Watts at Destiny Returns – which Watts won again! And just last week at MPW Grizzly Death Watts pinned Miggy Rose – once again this time in a Tag Team Match.

Miggy Rose has never been able to get a legit victory over Watts… And with 0-3 streak against the Big Man will Miggy Rose be able to retain his Championship? In the past Rose would have found some dirty tactics to retain his title but THIS Miggy Rose will not do that. We all know that Miggy Rose can overcome things when it’s against all odds but… Will he overcome Watts?

Robin Shaw vs. Brendan Divine… Both are destined to do it forever. From training together and facing each other the past few years Shaw was never able to beat Brendan – until LVL UP RAISE UP! At the Level Up Pro Wrestling event The Kingmaker finally defeated The Believer to retain his MPW National | North American Championship for the very first time! For Robin Shaw the year has been a major success already with winning his first Single Championship, becoming Double Champion, finally beating Brendan Divine and making Cameron August the Level Up Champion at one point. And with that confidence he will put up both Championships on the line at MPW California Classic!

With the 2 Our 3 Falls Win over Jordan Cruz Brendan Divine is more than ready to get his MPW National Championship back. It’s more about the title… It’s about getting it back to MPW & becoming the Gatekeeper of MPW. He wants to be the one who will face all contenders in- and outside of MPW. It’s all or nothing for the Believer. If he doesn’t win the National Title back – what is next for Brendan Divine?

Cameron August & Jeff Roth defeated the unlikely duo of Jordan Cruz & Brendan Divine to become the MPW Tag Team Champions. Since then they defended the titles against Full Send and try their best to get them out of the title picture since their reunion. But at the California Classic they will have some new contenders in Diego Valens & Frankie Frank!

Diego Valens won the Battle Royal hosted by The Enterprise to get a shot at a Championship at this event. While everyone thought it will be for a MPW National | North American Title match Robin Shaw announced that he earned a Tag Team Titles Match. But who is his partner? Diego Valens choice: Frankie Frank!

Frank & Valens are no strangers to another. They both are former MPW Tag Team Champions and also battled each other countless times. With that history they could beat The Enterprise – BUT! The Enterprise always have something up their sleeves and with all members + Leo Canedo being at the venue it”ll be against all odds for Diego & Frankie.

The California Classic – a 20-Competitor Rumble Match to determine the No. 1 Contender to the MPW Championship at the MPW Anniversary Show! 16 from 20 competitors have been announced – from MPW & Level Up. But who will be the mystery entrants? Who’ll become the one who’ll headline the MPW Anniversary Show?

So far announced:

The Hysterical Shane Haste will be in action in a very special segment at California Classic! What will he do? Find out this Friday!

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, CA! Watch Millennium Pro Wrestling also on Youtube! **

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