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MPW Breaking Point | Chatsworth, California | September 23, 2022

MPW Champion Miggy Rose came out and adressed the MPW Faithfuls. He was thankful for the week off and revealed he has some neck issues. He said he feels the weight on his shoulders of being Champion. AMF w/ Jack Slammer came out and said that maybe he should take the weight of Rose’s shoulder… By taking the title of him! Pinky Santinos interrupted and said that Chris Nasty is next for the title but AMF can face Miggy Rose in a Non-Title Match!

1. Match
MPW Champion Miggy Rose defeated AMF w/ Jack Slammer

2. Match
Brendan Divine vs. Leo Canedo w/ Jeff Roth ended in a No Contest when Jeff Roth interfered
• a huge Brawl broke out when Super Beetle & Robin Shaw joined the scene
• Pinky threw out Leo Canedo & Jeff Roth of the building for the Main Event

3. Match
Dustin Daniels defeated Fabrizio

4. Match
Ray Rosas defeated Artorias w/ Auntie Hydie

5. Match
Cereal Man defeated The Baphomet w/ Auntie Hydie

Main Event
MPW National Championship
Super Beetle (c) vs. “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw ended in a No Contest when Shaw attacked Referee Victor Cuentas
• a huge Brawl broke out once again when Leo Canedo, Jeff Roth, Brendan Divine & the returning Danny Divine joined the scene!
• Pinky had enough and announced a All Out War Match between both sides with the MPW National & Tag Team Championships on the line!

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