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After the Fallout of the MPW Anniversary Show Millenniun Pro Wrestling will reach a BREAKING POINT with the on going rivalry of Robin Shaw/Super Beetle and The Enterprise/Brothers Divine.

MPW National Championship on the line! Super Beetle will defend his Championship in a Rematch against “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw! After his return and getting injured by The Enterprise, the Super Bug was able to overcome the odds and defeated his former Tag Team partner at the MPW Anniversary Show. But this rivalry will reach now it’s breaking point after what happend last week at MPW Fallout…

Last week The Enterprise attacked Danny Divine before the event, preventing him from competing in the Main Event. As we know now Danny Divine got injured by that assault which lead to Super Beetle – who defeated El Primohenio earlier that event – replacing Danny and faced The Enterprise alongside Brendan Divine in the Main Event. Robin Shaw – who lost to Dustin Daniels in the Opening and not get his MPW North American Championship recognized, instead it was send back to Alabama – interfered in that match causing a No Contest.

With the MPW North American Championship being back in Alabama… Will Robin Shaw reclaim his gold? We know that The Enterprise will be in the house so it’ll be a tough title defense for Super Beetle but the Best Bug is no stranger to face all odds.

As mentioned: The Enterprise attacked Danny Divine last week before the show, putting him out of action for some time. While Super Beetle helped Brendan Divine against The Enterprise in the Main Event, Brendan Divine is furious and wants to get revenge on them as he is scheduled to face Leo Canedo. As we know The Enterprise members will be in the house too, so this could go not well for Brendan Divine… The big strength of Brendan is that he proved from time and time again that no matter how the stacks are against him, he comes out on top – just like he did against The Void earlier this year. And this time it’s personal as his brother was injured by the hands of The Enterprise! It’ll not be a easy task as Leo Canedo has been very impressive in his matches in MPW and he could use Brendan’s anger against him… Will Brendan be able to control his anger or will it play right into Leo’s cards?

MPW Champion Miggy Rose returns to MPW after his successful title defense at MPW Anniversary against “The American Grizzly” Duke Bennett. He’ll adress his next challenger: Chris Nasty – who won the first ever MPW Anniversary Scramble Match. With title defenses over Duke Bennett, J2 Mattioli, Watts, Diego Valens & Tyler Bateman the Friday Night Highlight is on cloud 9! Meanwhile Chris Nasty was able to defeat “Latino Meat” Che Cabrera last week at MPW Fallout. With that huge victory the Lucha Scumbag has a lot of momentum. What will Miggy Rose say about his next challenger?

Ray Rosas shocked the MPW Faithfuls when he attacked his student Johnnie Robbie at the Anniversary Show. Last week at MPW Fallout he adressed the situation that she deserved it and wants to show everyone that he is still the best Wrestler in Southern California – by bringing back the Ray Rosas Invitational! Last week he defeated former MPW Champion Diego Valens (with a Low Blow) and is scheduked to face Artorias this week at MPW Breaking Point!

Artorias have not been in MPW for a while but we do know that he is progressing in his in-ring performences in Level Up Pro Wrestling. After his great performence against Miggy Rose few weeks ago & with Auntie Hydie on his side he will go into this match very motivated against SoCal Wrestler Of The Year 2021! Can he get a victory over Ray Rosas?

What a month for Dustin Daniels so far. At the MPW Anniversary Show he defeated Bucio in a Loser Leaves Town Match and last week at the MPW Fallout he defeated “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw for a second time! This week he’ll face Fabrizio Mamba from Level Up Pro Wrestling!

Fabrizio Mamba doesn’t have a lot momentum lately on Level Up as he failed to win the Fatal 4 Way Match for the No. 1 Contendership at the LVL UP: 4th Anniversary and to win the LVL UP Championship at Beers Burgers Bateman. With a short run in MPW and a possible win over Dustin Daniels it could kick off a momentum rise for the Mamba.

The Baphomet w/ Auntie Hydie is back and he’ll be in action against… Cereal Man! What can we expect from Cereal Man? Will Baphomet destroy him or will see a surprise upset at this clash?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and is available to watch on Youtube! **

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