After the big SUMMERFEST event Millennium Pro Wrestling will held the next event this Friday with BIG BAD BEETLE BATTLE including the in-ring return of Super Beetle!

What a shocking return that was for Super Beetle! After weeks of trading words with “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw and the mask delievery at MPW Money Talks Super Beetle made his return to Millennium Pro Wrestling a MPW Summerfest to confront his former Friendship Farm partner. And now after 725 days The Best Bug will go one on one with “Latino Meat” Che Cabera! Why is Che Cabera Super Beetle’s first opponent? Appearently there was a money exchange between The Enterprise & Millennium Pro Wrestling – but those rumors have been declined by The Enterprise. Will Robin Shaw be present this Friday? No! The Kingmaker & Undisputed MPW National (North American) Champion will on a Cruise to celebrate his title win from MPW Summerfest!

With Robin Shaw not present and the huge task Che Cabera in front of him, will Super Beetle be able to beat the odds?

Lam’s POV: The reaction to Super Beetle’s comeback was enormous. And with Robin Shaw in his mind & the fans support The Best Bug will overcome “Latino Meat” Che Cabera and qualify himself as the next Challenger for the MPW Undisputed National (North American) Championship.

After defeating Cyber Storm at MPW Summerfest The Enterprise will challenge for the MPW Tag Team Championships this week! The team of Jeff Roth & Cameron August will face the unlikely duo of Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz (V2). They just defeated The Shady Boyz (Remi & DTF) at MPW Summerfest and with Jordan Cruz’s recent NJPW Strong debut the momentum will continue with this unlikey duo. But will this unique chemistry work against The Enterprise? Especially Cameron August will be motivated after losing the LVL UP Title recently at Drop It Like Its Hot!

Lam’s POV: This is the third team who will challenge for the titles – while having the better team chemistry than Unlikely Duo. But we should never count out Jordan & Brendan which is why I pick them in that match as it will be title defense No. 3!

After losing the MPW National Championship at MPW Summerfest Bucio must be very motivated to get back to the title picture but he has a tough opponent this Friday: The M.A.W. Michael Hopkins!

After losing to Diego Valens at MPW Bad Business we haven’t seen Michael Hopkins for a while in Millennium Pro Wrestling. But now he is ready to get some Single gold! This match will kick off the hunt for a Championship for one of them.

Lam’s POV: Both have something to prove. Both lost a Championship Match recently (Hopkins to Ju Dizz for the Ground Zero Title at LVL UP Drop It Like Its Hot and Bucio as mentioned to Robin Shaw) so the odds are even. With no Bryan Carter ringside it could be a advantage for Bucio but you should never count out Michael Hopkins. With Michael Hopkins being seen as a future star in SoCal my pick goes to on Michael Hopkins in that match.

While MPW Summerfest event was well received by fans in attendance & fans online the most talked part of the event was J2 Mattioli turn on Rebel Storm. After losing to Leo Canedo at MPW Money Talks J2 Mattioli cut a promo backstage about how people still talk about EVIL J2 Mattioli – who was controlled by Auntie Hydie – and that something has to change to win big matches again. And appearently getting rid of Rebel Storm was the change the Playmaker talked about…

This week at BIG BAD BEETLE BATTLE he’ll go one on one with former MPW Champion Diego Valens – who was unsuccessful in his quest to regain the title at MPW Summerfest. The Handsome Devil – banged from the brutal Ladder Match – will everything he can to get back to the title picture but can he overcome the new J2? J2 Mattioli will also explain his actions this Friday on MPW!

Lam’s POV: With the new attitude and something evil in his mind J2 Mattioli will go into this match as a favorite, not only because Diego Valens went to a hard battle in the Ladder Match last week. We all know what J2 can do when he is on the Dark Side last year so J2 will be my pick in this match.

Last week at MPW Summerfest Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez defeated Jason Levi, giving the newcomer another loss since his debut on Millennium Pro Wrestling. Some might say it was unfair with Jack Slammer ringside but this week there will be no excuses as they will meet in a rematch! AMF & Jack Slammer will face Jason Levi & his partner: Dustin “Jacked” Daniels!

While this might be a one off team up, for Dustin “Jacked” Daniels it is a great opportunity to get closer to a Undisputed MPW National Championship Match by defeating a former MPW National Champion.

Lam’s POV: I see the advantage for Crypto Cartel as they are united. Dustin Daniels & Jason Levi have zero experience with or against each other which could bite them at the end when it comes to chemistry. Despite seeing Crypto Cartel winning this match it could be very interesting to see how desperate Levi & Daniels will be to win this one.

**Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, CA. You can also watch MPW on Youtube!**

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