This Friday Millennium Pro Wrestling presents BAD BUSINESS! 6 Matches announced and one match gets very personal!

Diego Valens vs. Michael Hopkins with Bryan Carter… From partners to Tag Team Champions to the betrayal of Bryan Carter… A match one year in a making finally happens this Friday on Millennium Pro Wrestling Bad Business!

What’s the story here? The story of the match started back in 2021 when Millennium Pro Wrestling returned to live action. Miggy Rose – the longest reigning MPW Champion of all time – lost the MPW Championship back to Diego Valens. It looks like MPW is back in good hands but… The Handsome Devil aligned himself with Bryan Carter at California Classic right before his title match vs. Brendan Divine. The duo Diego Valens & Bryan Carter seems perfect and promised a very long title run – but it the title run was stopped by the rise of Barbie Boi at the MPW Anniversary! After being unsuccesful in their attempt to regain the MPW Championship Diego Valens went through a little losing streak… Meanwhile Bryan Carter scouted different talents on MPW – including Michael Hopkins & ENA. The M.A.W. ultimately accepted the offer and joined the Carter Corporation to form The M.O.W.! The team of Valens & Hopkins defeated Full Send at MPW Gladiator 2021 to win the MPW Tag Team Championships. They had a very successful title run until they lost the titles to Cyber Storm (J2 Mattioli & Rebel Storm) at YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME! Despite winning it back at the same day both teams feuded for the tag titles before The M.O.W. lost the Tag Team Titles again to Cyber Storm. That loss cracked the trio chemistry. While Diego Valens lost to Jordan Cruz at MPW Dream On, Michael Hopkins defeated Johnnie Robbie at Read Me My Rights. At that moment Bryan Carter decided – in his point of view – that Diego Valens is the weak link and got rid of him! The MPW GM booked Watts to team up with Michael Hopkins to face Cyber Storm for the MPW Tag Team Championships at Come To Collect – BUT Diego Valens had different plans and cost the Carter Corporation the titles! Not only that the Handsome Devil found success on his own again and made all the way to the Millennium Cup Series Final – which was won by Miggy Rose the current reigning MPW Champion. Last week at MPW Frenemies after defeating Cameron August Diego Valens called out Michael Hopkins to a match – which was accepted by Bryan Carter! With Bryan Carter ringside will Diego Valens can shift his focus on Michael Hopkins? What will Bryan Carter have up on his sleeves to make the M.A.W. getting the victory over the Handsome Devil?

What a weekend that was for Millennium Pro Wrestling! At MPW Frenemies Miggy Rose defeated Barbie Boi to win the MPW Championship and Bucio defeated A.M.F. to retain the MPW National Championship. Johnnie Robbie won the Venue Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Championship to end her Rookie year with a title! The trio of Champions will face the dangerous trio The Void (Auntie Hydie, Artorias & The Baphomet)! The Void has been up and down road this year. Will that change when they can defeat the Champions Trio this Friday at Bad Business?

Brendan Divine has been on a roll lately! Not only did he made it to the Millennium Cup Series Finals but he recently became one half of the MPW Tag Team Champions – with his enemy Jordan Cruz!

But this week Brendan Divine is back on Single competition as he goes one on one with The Enterprise’s Jeff Roth! Jeff Roth made his debut for MPW a few weeks back but has been very impressive in Level Up Pro Wrestling in San Diego. The Enterprise is focus to get the attention of MPW Management to recognize Robin Shaw’s MPW North American Title. A possible win over Brendan Divine and a possible Tag Team Titles Match might get The Enterprise closer to their goal…. Holding gold in MPW & LEVEL UP!

Speaking of Robin Shaw – after defeating Some Dude Chillin last week – the Kingmaker will go one on one with “Jacked” Dustin Daniels! But that isn’t enough for Dustin Daniels as he demands that this match will be for the North American Championship – which is not recognized by Millennium Pro Wrestling Management…

But can Dustin Daniels defeat Robin Shaw? The Kingmaker has been on a different level since winning the North American Championship and is more than focused to make his title recognized by management.

Since losing to Brendan Divine at the Millennium Cup Series Round One Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez has been on a losing streak. Not only did he lost his MPW National Championship in a last-minute changed 3 Way Match but also failed to regain the National Title against Bucio at Frenemies. He is looking to change that this Friday against Mylo! Mylo – who recently returned to United Wrestling Network Championship Wrestling and has been on the roll in Level Up Pro Wrestling – is looking get back in the title picture by defeating a former Champion in AMF. Both have something to prove – who will get the win this Friday at MPW Bad Business?

Duke Bennett returns to action in Millennium Pro Wrestling since the Millennium Cup Series. Despite showing Johnnie Robbie – that you should never miss with a Grizzly – in Round One the American Grizzly lost to MPW Cup Winner Miggy Rose in Round Two. Who’ll step up to his Open Challenge this Friday at MPW Bad Business?

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