MPW Anniversary Spectacular + LVL UP Beers Burgers Bateman this weekend!

A huge weekend for Millennium Pro Wrestling & Level Up Pro Wrestling again this week! Millennium Pro Wrestling will kick off this weekend with their Anniversary Spectacular Show this Friday from Chatsworth, California! Right after that Level Up Pro Wrestling presents Beers Burgers Bateman on Saturday from San Diego, California!

• MPW Championship: Miggy Rose (c) vs. Duke Bennett
• MPW National Championship: Robin Shaw (c) vs. Super Beetle
• MPW Tag Team Championships: The Enterprise (c) vs. Brothers Divine
• Loser Leaves Town: Dustin Daniels vs. Bucio
• Anniversary Scramble Match: J2 Mattioli vs. Leo Canedo vs. Chris Nasty vs. Diego Valens vs. AMF vs. Michael Hopkins
• First Time Ever: Ray Rosas vs. Jordan Cruz

• Main Event: Tyler Bateman vs. Leo Canedo
• Level Up Championship – Scramble Match: Jordan Cruz (c) vs. B-Boy vs. Hunter Freeman vs. J2 Mattioli vs. Fabrizio Mamba vs. Michael Hopkins
• Level Up Tag Team Championship: Shady Boyz (c) vs. Brothers Divine
• Holy Storm vs. The Block
• The Enterprise vs. WattsNES Monsters

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