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It’s time to celebrate! Millennium Pro Wrestling celebrates their Anniversary with the annual Anniversary Spectacular! 6 Matches are set for the event including huge Championship Matches, a Scramble Match to determine the next Contender and a Loser Leaves Town match!

The MPW Championship is on the line when Champion Miggy Rose defends against the California Classic Winner Duke Bennett! The two will meet for the first time since the Millennium Cup Series. In that tournament Miggy Rose was able to beat Duke Bennett – who returned just a few months prior. But this is a different Duke Bennett! The American Grizzly defeated Johnnie Robbie & Tyler Bateman and with the the California Classic win Bennett’s confidence is at its highest.

Miggy Rose is no stranger in defending his title against all odds and with a win months prior over Duke Bennett he should have the advantage right? Not this time! Since they knew that they will face each other for the MPW Championship at the Anniversary Spectacular Duke Bennett had the upper hand over Miggy Rose. First he took out the Champion at the 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match between Team Pinky & Team Carter on the outside which caused Rose’s elimination via Pinfall by Michael Hopkins. At MPW Rose Gold Duke Bennett sent a message by taking out Remi Morgan & attacked Miggy Rose after his match against Michael Hopkins.

Duke Bennett calls himself the biggest threat in MPW and… He is the biggest threat to Miggy Rose & the MPW Championship! At MPW Anniversary Spectacular we could see a start of a new era… But we should never count out Miggy Rose because he proves time and time again that when it matters he can come out victorious against all odds!

It’s a Match years in the making. Robin Shaw! Super Beetle! MPW Undisputed National Championship!

Super Beete & Robin Shaw were once a team in the Friendship Farm but when Super Beetle retired Robin Shaw felt he was left alone… Despite being heartbroken it motivated him even more to break the ceiling. He evolved into The Kingmaker by creating The Enterprise! Under his leadership he lead talents like Cameron August & Jeff Roth to Championship gold, hired a Diamond in Leo Canedo as a Mercenary & finally won Championship gold on his own! He won the MPW North American Championship in Alabama and months later the MPW National Championship in Chatsworth, California. The Enterprise has a dominant presence in Millennium Pro Wrestling & Level Up Pro Wrestling and there is no end in sight.

Despite all the success Robin Shaw was not shy to take shots on his former partner by mocking his retirement. That backfired because it motivated Super Beetle to return and face his former friend. He made his shocking return at MPW Summerfest and attacked The Enterprise! The MPW Faithfuls were happy to see the Super Bug back but the celebration was cut short when Super Beetle got injured in a 6-Man Tag Team match against The Enterprise. It took him a month to get back to the ring and to the shock of Robin Shaw Super Beetle defeated Jeff Roth in the Open Challenge at Pinky vs. Carter to earn himself a MPW National Championship against ROBIN SHAW! After the match Shaw made his emotion clear that he will end Super Beetle for good – after he left Shaw alone with his retirement years ago and this will be his ultimate revenge! On MPW Endangered – the final stop before the Anniversary Spectacular – Super Beetle pinned Robin Shaw in a Tag Team Match!

Has Super Beetle Robin Shaw’s number? As of now Super Beetle goes into the MPW Anniversary Spectacular with advantage over Robin Shaw. But Robin Shaw is not alone at the Anniversary Show as The Enterprise will be in the house (Jeff Roth & Cameron August will defend their MPW Tag Team Championships) to have his back! Will Super Beetle overcome that obstacle & his former friend to celebrate his return with a Championship win?

After nearly a year Brothers Divine (Brendan & Danny Divine) are back! And they finally want to become MPW Tag Team Champions – something they never archived so far! Their opponents are The Enterprise (Jeff Roth & Cameron August). They defeated The Block at MPW Rose Gold to become the No. 1 Contenders. Meanwhile… The Enterprise won the Championships from Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz back at MPW BIG BAD BEETLE BATTLE in June and defended the titles against the likes of FULL SEND & Diego Valens / Frankie Frank.

With Super Beetle challenging Robin Shaw for the MPW Undisputed National Championship and Brothers Divine challenging Roth & August for the MPW Tag Team Championships the dominance of The Enterprise could end at MPW Anniversary Spectacular! For Brendan Divine it would be sweet revenge if Brothers Divine wins the Tag Team Championships because The Enterprise has been a trouble maker for him since he was after Shaw’s National Championship. A title win could also be a fresh start for the Tag Division as the Brothers Divine want to improve the Tag Team Scene in Southern California and to prove that they are still the best Tag Team in SoCal!

Since losing the MPW Tag Team Championship last year Full Send has a rollercoster of teaming up & breaking up. Due to several obstacles like Duke Bennett or The Enterprise they got back together but due to no success their break ups got more and more heated. Especially the last one fired up Bucio. How did that happend?

While it looked like Full Send is back full time, Dustin Daniels eliminated Bucio in the California Classic when they were in the Final 4! While it was every man for themselves that came a bit out of nowhere. They faced each other once again at MPW Divinity where Dustin Daniels defeated Bucio but at the Pinky vs. Carter 8-Man Tag Elimination Match Bucio got one back when he eliminated Jacked Daniels himself! At MPW Rose Gold they interfered in each others matches. At MPW Endangered they were booked by new MPW General Manager Pinky Santino to team up once again to face AMF & Leo Canedo in a Anniversary Scramble Qualifying Match but they failed to qualify for the Scramble Match. Now the face each other for the very last time… In a LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH! Who would have thought that this rivalry between two former teammates will end this way? Who’ll leave Millennium Pro Wrestling next Friday?

It’s a First Time Ever Match Up! Ray Rosas vs. Jordan Cruz at the MPW Anniversary Spectacular! Both are former United Wrestling Network Heritage Champions and are 2 of Southern California’s best.

What happend between those? It all started when Jordan Cruz faced Johnnie Robbie in a rematch at MPW Divinity. Jordan Cruz had something to prove after losing to Johnnie Robbie before & after his big loss in the 2 out 3 Falls Match against Brendan Divine at MPW Fight Forever so he went very aggressively against Johnnie Robbie. Cruz had Robbie in a very tight submission hold where she nearly passed out but Rosas threw in the towel to save her. Johnnie Robbie was really angry at Ray Rosas for getting into her match like that and made it loud & clear.

Last Friday Ray Rosas & Jordan Cruz were involved in a MPW Anniversary Scramble Qualifying Match which was won by Diego Valens. After the match Rosas & Cruz got into each other faces before MPW General Manager Pinky stepped in and made this first time ever match official for the Anniversary Show!

So Ray Rosas is steppung up for his student against Jordan Cruz who is one of the reason that the relationship between Rosas & Robbie got into this situation. Can he make it up for her by beating The Modern Spartan?

The first ever MPW Anniversary Scramble Match for a future MPW Championship Opportunity! Let us take a look at the participants!

MICHAEL HOPKINS: The idea of the MPW All Star Anniversary Scramble was discussed when Bryan Carter was still the MPW General Manager and the Perfect Gentleman made sure that his man, the M.A.W. Michael Hopkins will be in it! Could this be finally be his chance to get to the MPW Championship? Due to the chaos in the Pinky vs. Bryan 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match he was able to pin & eliminate MPW Champion Miggy Rose! At MPW Rose Gold the M.A.W. was very close to beat the Champion but at the end Miggy Rose stood tall once again. A win in this Anniversary Scramble Match could get him closer back to a Championship Match!

CHRIS NASTY: Due to Bryan Carter putting Michael Hopkins, new MPW General Manager Pinky decided to put Chris Nasty in the MPW Anniversary Scramble Match as a counterpart to the M.A.W. but also because he earned it in Pinky’s eyes. To prove that he earned that spot he requested to face Tyler Bateman in a rematch which was granted by Pinky. The rematch happend last week at MPW Endangered and despite he lost to the GAWD DAMN MAN once again, he earned his respect – something not many wrestlers are able to do. Earning Tyler Bateman’s respect. But can Chris Nasty win the Anniversary Scramble Match? This would be a huge win for a guy who just made his MPW debut few months ago. The Lucha Scumbag wants that MPW Championship Opportunity!

DIEGO VALENS: Diego Valens has been on the roll after MPW California Classic. Since then he defeated Ju Dizz (MPW Divinity), being the winner & sole survivor of the Pinky vs. Carter 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match and qualified for this Scramble Match by beating Ray Rosas & Jordan Cruz! With all this momentum he is going into this match as the favorite! And after losing the Ladder Match for the MPW Championship the Handsome Devil is more than motivated to challenge for the title once again!

J2 MATTIOLI: It could have been the summer of the new persona of J2 Mattioli… After betraying Rebel Storm and defeating him a lot of fans wonder how successful this version of J2 Mattioli will be compared to the Void’s J2 & The Playmaker J2 but since than J2 hit some roadblocks. He lost the MPW Championship Match against Miggy Rose & he was eliminated by Rebel Storm at the California Rumble. But with the wins over Super Astro Jr. (MPW Pinky vs. Carter) & the Qualifying Match win over Darwin Finch & Shota the Playmaker has some momentum back in his pocket. But will it be enough to become No. 1 Contender once again?

LEO CANEDO: The Mercenary of The Enterprise is a unstoppable force in Millennium Pro Wrestling & Level Up Pro Wrestling. He qualified for this Match by defeating Full Send alongside AMF last week at MPW Endangered. But there is more than just a MPW Championship opportunity on the horizon for him – if he wins this match. The Kingmaker Robin Shaw offered him a official spot in The Enterprise if he wins the Scramble & the MPW Championship! So this will be a big motivation for Leo Canedo & Max The Mask to win this match… For Him, Max & The Enterprise!

A.M.F.: Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez is a former MPW National Champion but he has been going through a losing streak through a while. Last week at MPW Endangered he qualified for the Anniversary Scramble Match by defeating FULL SEND alongside The Enterprise’s Leo Canedo. He is considered as the Underdog in this match but with Crypto Cartel ringside he could be walking out as the winner if they interfere at the right time…

** MILLENNIUM PRO WRESTLING is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and is available to watch on Youtube! **

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