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It’s ALL OUT WAR! WINNER TAKES ALL! The rivalry between The Enterprise & Brothers Divine/Super Beetle is reaching the climax and it will end this Friday! Also announced are 5 other very competitive Matches!

After months and months the rivalry between The Enterprise and Brothers Divine & Super Beetle will be finally be settled in a Tornado Tag All Out War – Winner Takes All!

The Enterprise dominated Millennium Pro Wrestling half of the year by holding the MPW National & Tag Team Championships. Nobody couldn’t stop them. Even the battle for the titles went to outside of Millennium Pro Wrestling with MPW National Championship Matches in Level Up Pro Wrestling & Venue Wrestling Entertainment. While The Enterprise was dethroned at the MPW Anniversary Show – with losing all the titles – seeing them hunting for the titles make them more dangerous. They didn’t shy away from injuring their opponents like they did to Danny Divine a few weeks ago. Speaking of Danny Divine – will he be fit enough for this All Out War? He came back from that Foot injury and Adrenaline can do wonders for someone’s health. He is even more fired up than before and so are Brendan Divine & Super Beetle! Whoever walk out as the winners & Champions here – it’ll change the landscape of MPW once again!

Miggy Rose is a fighting MPW Champion and he proved time and time again that he can handle every opponent who comes for his Championship. He returned to MPW last week after a week off and revealed that he feels the weight on his shoulders by being Champion. And that he is dealing with some neck issues…

This week he’s scheduled to face Jordan Cruz! The Modern Spartan is a all-round performer and knowing that Miggy Rose is dealing with neck issues, that could be his game plan for this match. If he is able to beat Miggy Rose he automatically climbs up the ranking and could be next after Chris Nasty – someone Jordan Cruz has also issues with since MPW California Classic! The Lucha Scumbag will be watching this match very very closely…

The Ray Rosas Invitational is back and he’ll prove why he is still the best Wrestler in Southern California! So far he defeated Diego Valens and last week Artorias. This week he’ll take on Crypto Cartel’s Jack Slammer!

For Jack Slammer this will be the biggest Match of his career – so far! Weeks ago he took on a returning Danny Divine to his limits and he wants to prove the MPW Faithfuls that he is able to hang with the bests – like Ray Rosas. This will be a huge test for Jack Slammer but also for Ray Rosas as he never stepped into the ring with Jack Slammer before. While Rosas is going into this match as the favorite due to his experience, with Crypto Cartel on ringside Slammer have the numbers advantage.

Auntie Hydie is back on winning ways after defeating Gin Sevani at MPW Fallout. While last week at MPW Breaking Point it was not a great night for The Void, this week they could be back on winning ways with Auntie Hydie facing Remi Morgan! The King will have something to prove after being destroyed by Duke Bennett a few weeks ago. But will he be able to beat Auntie Hydie? Without DTF on his side and The Void being ringside it could be a bad night for the Shady King…

Both AMF & Diego Valens have a bad time lately. Despite both qualified for the All Star Scramble Match neither of them won it – Valens was out of the match due to circumstances. While AMF’s partner El Primohenio lost to Super Beetle at Fallout, Diego Valens lost to Ray Rosas. Both are seeking for a win this Friday and want to climb up the rakings again for a future Championship Match.

After failing to qualify for the All Star Scramble Match Darwin Finch returns to MPW motivated and with a win in his mind. But will he be able to beat El Primohenio? El Primohenio Trebeca had a very good performence against MPW National Champion Super Beetle a few weeks ago but only lost to a miscommunication by the Crypto Cartel members. With all 3 members having important matches this week will this play a role?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and is available to watch on Youtube! **

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