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Millennium Pro Wrestling kicks off their 2023 with their MPW: 2K23 event from Chatsworth, California this Friday January 06, 2023. 6 Matches have been announced for this event including a long awaited Championship Bout!

Friday, December 2021 – Danny Divine shocked the MPW Faithfuls when he won the Naughty Or Nice Match and cashed in his shot on Barbie Boi to become the new MPW Champion! But due to Danny’s injury the match between those didn’t happen last year. Instead Barbie became a 2x MPW Champion – by defeating Dustin Daniels for the vacant MPW Title – before he lost it to Millennium Cup Series Winner Miggy Rose and disappeared from MPW competition due to Bryan Carter & AMF’s agreement that Boi’s contract belongs to the Crypto Cartel, who didn’t allow Barbie Boi to perform in MPW unless AMF say so. Meanwhile… Danny Divine returned from his injury and archived his Wrestling life goal by finally winning the Tag Team Titles with his brother Brendan Divine. After losing the Tag Team Titles to Crypto Cartel he set his goal back to the title he never lost – which he won by defeating Auntie Hydie with the help of his brother. Last week at Out With A Bang 2022 the announced Brendan Divine vs. Mylo Match turned into a Tag Team Match between Brothers Divine & Myloboo Barbie which the Brothers won after a Curb Stomp by Danny on Mylo. Will Barbie get his revenge this Friday on Danny and become a 3x MPW Champion?

Speaking of Brendan Divine: The other half of Brothers Divine will face the former MPW Champion Miggy Rose! After making his return at MPW Legends Night Miggy Rose has his eyes set on winning back the MPW Championship but will he be able to win this match? This is a completely different Brendan Divine we used to know and with the new attitude he showed the last couple of weeks it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see different tactics here…

The Ray Rosas vs. Johnnie Robbie saga continues in form of a Tag Team Match! At Naughty Or Nice Johnnie Robbie was finally able to score a victory on her former mentor. But it wasn’t over for this rivalry… The following week at Out With A Bang where Johnnie Robbie lost to Tyler Bateman – who aligned himself with Ray Rosas after the match to continue the assault. For the shock of everyone Jordan Cruz made the save for Johnnie Robbie which lead to this Tag Team Match. Tyler Bateman & Jordan Cruz are no strangers to another as they faced each other 3x last year – and Bateman won in each match! Could this be the start of a new rivalry between them?

Overall 2022 was a great year for AMF. He won the MPW National Championship earlier this year and ended 2022 as MPW Tag Team Champion alongside El Primohenio Trebeca. Meanwhile it’s the total opposite for Michael Hopkins. With no Championships & Bryan Carter losing the General Manager power it has not been the same for the M.A.W. If he is able to beat AMF here, this could lead to a possible Championship opportunity! But who would team with the M.A.W. if he gets a title match?

Same question could be asked for Super Beetle who faces the other half of the MPW Tag Team Champions: El Primohenio. Super Beetle lost the MPW National Championship last week at Out With A Bang 2022 to J2 Mattioli and would love nothing more to start 2023 with a big win over a Champion. But beating El Primohenio will not be easy as El Primo is someone who will do everything to win a match. A win over the former MPW National Champion would catapult El Primo into a MPW National Championship Match. Who ever walks out with the win here, could have his eyes on gold.

Will Dustin Daniels finally lose his Chicken Outfit? Daniels won the Chicken Outfit prize at the Naughty Or Nice Match and is not allowed to take it off until he won a match. Last week he tried to get out of it but was beaten by Auntie Hydie. Can he do it today? Diego Valens will not be a easy task, especially with him wanting to get back on track and winning Championship gold. It’s a must win situation for both of them. Who will win it?

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