More Updates on Blue Demon Jr.

The Worlds Heavyweight Champion continues to use his name for Social Outreach in his native country of Mexico. Demon has partnered with Gerald Alfaro Association to educate the population on the symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer. September 15th will be National Linfoma Day.

And as reported earlier by SuperLuchas, Blue Demon Jr. appeared in the role of a Special Referee for Xtreme Latin America Wrestling. In a Mexico vs. Panama, Damien 666 vs. Panama Jack Daniels for PJD’s RXW Championship. Panama Jack successfully defended his championship, however through the course of the night, Panama Jack and Blue Demon shared some friction and it could lead to an altercation in the future. As I previously stated XLAW previously had a relationship with the NWA and there might be small overtures to reengage that relationship.

Lastly Demon defended his World Championship against 2 other champions in their own rights in Phoenix AZ last night. The collaborative show that was produced by Impact Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Revolution, and NWA Pro Wrestling featured a North American Heavyweight Title Defense and a World Title Defense. The Showcase featured wrestlers from across the globe, with fighters from Australia, Mexico, and the good ole USA. Blue Demon who had been battling the NWA Heritage and Pro Wrestling Revolution Champion in Oliver John and All Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion Super Crazy over the past few months fought off their advances. Blue Demon Jr. successfully retained his crown. With victories over both Crazy and John separately and in Three Way Dance, Demon will be awaiting his next challenge.

Credit to and ImpactZoneWrestling

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