More Talent for the NWA Showcase announced.

Since learning of Sid’s pending debut for the NWA Showcase on April 19th. Wildwood NJ, a lot of other names have been thrown around for the Showcase.

Obviously Sid is going to be a huge fan favorite. But also there has been talks of some of the stars of the IWA Puerto Rico such as Hiram Túa and Carlitos, with possible appearances later from the Naturals and Ricky Vega.
But what excites a lot of the NWA Faithful the most are some of the guys that are excited to see some familiar names to be seen on the Showcase. Earlier NWA
fans were delighted to see Dru Onyx and Damien Wayne battle it out on National Television. But as I just caught on Chance Prophet’s Myspace Page, the former National Champion is set to debut for the Showcase.

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