More on NWA Classics!

“NWA Classics 24/7” consists of the complete Paul Boesch “Houston Wrestling” video library. Many have original commentary by Paul Boesch – and feature some of the greatest wrestlers in the world.


There will be a website up next week – well in advance of the July 4 launch date:


It will be similar to the WWE Network and NJPW World – in that there will be a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to the complete library.


The price will be $8.99 per month (less than both WWE Network and NJPW World) OR – a discount will be offered for those ordering a year in advance – $99.99 for the year – which computes to two months free!


The matches we released are just a sample of the 50 matches in our FIRST MONTH’s release!


We are releasing 50 of the best matches the 1st month alone – then we will update the website with 30 new matches every month – at the rate of one new match everyday!


And we have enough vintage content to update the website in this fashion for years!


The Paul Boesch video library comprises matches from the late 1960’s through 1986.  The library was stored in an air conditioned unit and the quality and clarity of the audio and color is amazing.  Some of these matches have not been seen in over 40 years.

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