More Names Announced for the PP3 Cup

imageThe PP3 Memorial Cup takes place this Sunday December 7th.  The Winner of the Cup will be the last man standing in an over the top battle royal.  But to qualify for the Royal, participants will battle as trios to qualify.

Already announced the Family Stone, The Sutton Family, Ridiculously Bigg & Small, Shelly’s Heroes, Boxcar Nobodies, and representing Championship Wrestling from Arizona, Tyson Tyler, Hammerstone, & Woody Hunter.

Joining the teams already announced will be PPRay & O’Shea, Vermin (Ryan Taylor, Nick Madrid & Tito Escondido), The Revolution (Che’ Cabrera, Sasha Darevko & Fidel Bravo) and the most recent entree and maybe the most interesting Team United: Terex (CWFH), Tyshaun Prince (FSW) & “The Greek God” Papadon (NYWC)!

Final two teams for the PP3 Memorial Cup this Sunday are:
Head of the Class (Matt Striker, Dan Joseph & Todd Chandler) and Hangin’ Tough (Willie Mack, “New Age Punisher” B-Boy & “Big Nasty” Eric Watts) Stay tuned as matches will be announced tomorrow!


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