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Cards are always subject to change but from the looks of it the tag team of Cade and Murdock will be appearing on this show. Cade recently teamed up with Pearce in Canada against Scotty Mac and Brent Albright. The flyer also shows Albright, Pearce, and Worlds Champion Blue Demon Jr.
Al though a finalized card hasn’t been posted yet, it is conspicious that there is not any mention of the World Tag Team Champions the SkullKrushers, the World Jr. Champion Mike Quackenbush, and it was reported on her Blog that MsChif will not be able to make this event. All that aside we’ll see the Heritage Champion TJ Perkins and North American Heavyweight Champion Mike DiBiase. The card is starting to shape up. I’ll be at the 2nd and 3rd days of tapings.

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