MLW Fusion Results: December 1st 2022

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Credit: MLW

Here are the results from December 1st’s edition of MLW Fusion, taped on September 18th at the Space Events Center in Norcross, Georgia. This is the first episode of MLW’s ‘Super Series’ which also involves AAA, Dragon Gate and Puerto
Rico’s IWA.

We open with a recap of EJ Nduka attacking MLW World Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone last
week after Hammerstone agreed to a future Title match between the two.

Match 1: Lady Flammer beat Lady Shani, Reina Dorado and La Hiedra in a good Fatal 4-Way to
determine the number one contender to Taya Valkyrie’s MLW Women’s Championship. Flammer got
in Valkyrie’s face afterwards and a fight ensued.

The Samoan Swat Team enjoy some drinks in the sun while teasing each other about when they’ll
grab their Title shots.

EJ Nduka cut a fiery promo in the parking lot, claiming he was here week in, week out putting in the
work while Hammerstone kept avoiding and dodging him. He had to smash Hammerstone with the
belt to get his attention. He is The Judge and The Titan and everyone will be cheering his name when
he takes Hammerstone’s Title.

Mance Warner was caught on the phone to ‘Doc Gallows’ while trying to convince the camera man
that it’s Gallows behind the mask of Mads Krueger. Odd but amusing segment.

Myron Reed accepted Dragon Gate’s Shun Skywalker’s challenge for Reed’s MLW Middleweight
Championship. That match will take place on next week’s Fusion.

Killer Kross’ scheduled match was cancelled when he was found unconscious backstage with one of
the mysterious business cards next to him. Commentary tells us Kross is being taken away to

Alex Kane arrived with Mr Thomas and said Davey Richards can’t call himself the Opera Cup holder
as Kane has it. Kane then revealed he had the cup in his bag. Not a great promo but it made it’s

Main Event: MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated Bandido in a
really good match after Hammerstone nailed the challenger with the Nightmare Pendulum.
Bandicoot got the crowd to sing in Spanish to Hammerstone afterwards.

Post-match, EJ Nduka tried to steal attack Hammerstone with a chair, but Hammer kicked the chair
into EJ’s face. A pull-apart brawl was interrupted by backstage footage as Cesar Duran and his
cronies discovered several unconscious bodies on the arena’s stairwell. It was hard to make out who
some of the fallen were, but Alex Kane, Gangrel and Mr Thomas were definitely there, and it
appeared Savio Vega was too. Duran noticed the business cards on the bodies and told his cronies
they had to get outta there!

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