Missouri Wrestling Revival Joins the Alliance

For the past 4 years Missouri Wrestling Revival has shared it’s enthusiasm of pro wrestling within the Midwest covering many of the top promotions.  “With Metro Pro Wrestling and NWA Dynamo Pro promoting out of Kansas City and the greater Missouri area it only seemed fitting that we would partner with MWR who consistently covers that area better than anyone in the country,” Jay Cal of Allinance-Wrestling.com.

As many of you might have already noticed that Brian Kelley, the owner and editor of MWR has began sharing MWR Posts with Alliance-Wrestling.com.  But over the past weekend it became official that the Missouri Wrestling Revival and Alliance-Wrestling would partner to give the most complete coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance in the Midwest.  Along with sharing news and information the two sites hope to also give more exposure to the talent within the central states.

“Alliance-Wrestling.com prides itself on covering the entirety of the National Wrestling Alliance, with MWR on board, we’ll be able to cover the Midwest more widely with a greater emphasis on Metro Pro Wrestling, Dynamo Pro, and all the great talent in that area,” commented Jay Cal.

We continue to appreciate our partnerships with Tez of Westside Pro Wrestling, covering Western Australia and SoCalUncensored which covers Southern California Wrestling and look to forge new alliances through the independent wrestling community to provide the fans of the National Wrestling Alliance with the most extensive coverage possible.

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