Missa Kate Attacks Tootie Lynn at Glory Pro Wrestling ‘WrestlePocalypse’

Glory Pro Wrestling WrestlePocalypse 2023 poster

Glory Pro Wrestling presented their ‘WrestlePocalypse’ show from St. Louis, MO, on January 7th, and it was notable for the appearance of a few familiar faces from the NWA, both from the present and the recent past: Tootie Lynn, Kylie Rae, and Missa Kate.

After she had beaten Kylie Rae (I do miss seeing her in an NWA ring!), Tootie Lynn was soaking up the cheers of the crowd when out of nowhere, Missa Kate stormed the ring in a sports jersey and tackled Lynn, throwing her to the ground and raining fists on Lynn’s prone body. Security rushed the ring but Kate wasn’t finished.

As security threw Kate over their shoulder and tried to carry her away, she threw fists and feet in a wild effort to escape. As this wasn’t working, she snatched a microphone from the ring announcer and, although it isn’t quite clear what Kate said, to me at least, it did sound like Kate called Lynn a “bitch” and stated that “Missa Kate’s gonna give you a proper ass-kicking!”

While it’s not clear what has caused Missa Kate’s fury, it was a compelling moment to watch and Tootie Lynn vs. Missa Kate would definitely be a match worth watching. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Check out footage of Missa Kate’s attack from Grandel Wrestling’s Twitter below:

Credit: Grandel Wrestling

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