Memphis Wrestling – Grind City Rumble | Episode 99 Results | Part 1 of 3 | UWN News

Memphis Wrestling – Grind City Rumble | Ep. 99 | Part 1 Of 3 | Memphis WrestleCenter

1. Match
“Big Swole” Justin Cole defeated Storybook Prince Gaston
• Dustin Starr interviewed Justin Cole after the Match. He cut a promo about the Grind City Rumble.

Dustin Starr interviewed Mackenzie Morgan. According to her it was a man who attacked her Backstage a few weeks ago. And she’ll be back in action in the Grind City Rumble Match.

2. Match
Memphis Wrestling Internet Champion Tim Bosby defeated Uncle Mikey after a distraction of Main Event Bradley & ???

Aaron Roberts & Justin Case cut a promo on the Grind City Rumble & IMPACT WRESTLING’s Star Moose.

Hollywood Clique came out and cut a promo about the Grind City Rumble before K Toomer came out which lead to a Match.

3. Match
K Toomer defeated Colton Cage w/ Hollywood Clique

We see promos by Gunshow & Mike Anthony about their Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title Match for next week.

Main Event
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships
The Posse (c) defeated Derrick King & Ray Sanders

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