Memphis Wrestling Episode 95 Results | UWN News

Memphis Wrestling – Episode 95 | December 17, 2022 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

“The Gunshow” Brett Michaels came out and called out Mike Anthony. He challenged him for the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship at the Grind City Rumble!

1. Match
“Gunshow” Brett Michaels defeated “Storybook” Prince Gatson

The Hollywood Clique came out and teased a surprise for next week! It’s will be a BIG surprise!

Brad Skimahorn & Uncle Mikes cut a promo against each other.

2. Match
Hot Shots defeated LA Hustlers

3. Match
Brad Skimahorns defeated Uncle Mikey with Punch with Chain

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion Mike Anthony came out and cut a promo on Buff Bagwell & the crowd until he attacked Big John Dalton’s father. Brett Michaels & Big John Dalton made the save.

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