Memphis Wrestling Episode 94 Results | UWN News

Memphis Wrestling – Episode 94 | December 10, 2022 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

Buff Bugwell comes out and wants Big John Dalton for Team WrestleCenter due to Mackenzie Morgan’s injury. DK accepts the offer.

We see a filmed segment by Tim Bosby. He explained why he didn’t help Zay Washington against Aaron Roberts and it’s all about him accomplishing another goal.

1. Match
Big Jack w/ Matt Williams defeated Austin Lane
• Bruce comes out and shockly made the save for Austin Lane

2. Match
Nyxx defeated Jennifer Justice w/ Martin
• Cassandra Golden made the save for Nyxx

Main Event
Memphis Trios Tournament Finals
Team WrestleCenter defeated Nightmare Posse & Team Memphis Muscle
• Big John Dalton pinned Mike Anthony thanks to Buff Bagwell outside interference

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