Memphis Wrestling – Episode 81 Results

Memphis Wrestling – Championship Saturday – Episode 81 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion Mike Anthony came out and demanded his refund from Pay Up w/ Money Mark. They refused it and they got into a brawl inside the ring which was broke up by several Secruity & Referees.

1. Match
Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship
Zay Washington (c) defeated Colton Cage
• Aaron Roberts attacked Zay Washington after the match

2. Match
Memphis Wrestling Women’s Championship
Cassandra Golden defeated Nyxx & Diana Taylor (c) => TITLE CHANGE

Shark Boy had some words for Kid Wrestling and make him a present: His Stone Cold vest!

Ryan Rembrandt hold his FAT BOY CHALLENGE but out came the Memphis Student Ben Collins. He tried the challenge by doing 10 Push Ups but got attacked by Ryan Rembrandt!

The Skimahorns revealed in a segment that they are not in the WrestleCenter due to a Family emergency!

Main Event
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Memphis Muscle defeated The Posse (c) = TITLE CHANGE

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