Memphis Wrestling – Episode 80 Results | UWN News

Memphis Wrestling – Episode 80 Results | Memphis Wrestling Wrestling Center

Shark Boy kicks off the show with Dustin Starr. They talk about the Shark Boy Battle Royal and how the winner will receive a Internet Championship Match – next week!

1. Match
LA Hustlers defeated Hot Shot

Mackenzie Morgan interviews Cassandra Golden & Nyxx about the upcoming Womens Championship 3 Way Match.

Zay Washington adress the situation about Aaron Roberts betrayal.

2. Match
Memphis Wrestling Women’s Champion Diana Taylor defeated Jennifer Justice

Dysfunction Promo Video is played.

Mike Anthony video package with a message for Brett Michaels is played.

3. Match
Trace Lee Hunt defeated Martin

Main Event
Shark Boy Battle Royal Match
Winner: Colton Cage

• Storybook Price Gaston
• Perky Will
• Colton Cage
• Shark Boy
• Kid Wrestling
• Dysfunction
• Gio Savage
• Brian Balough
• Ray Collins
• Van Viciouss

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