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Memphis Wrestling Ep. 79 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

Maria Starr returned to Commentary.

Memphis Muscle came out for a Interview with Dustin Starr and they officially challenged The Posse for the Memphis Tag Team Championships! The Champions came out for a Face-to-Face!

Zay Washington adressed the situation with Aaron Roberts, who betrayed him moments after Washington won the Memphis Internet Championship!

1. Match
6-Man Tag Team Match
Austin Lane, Trace Hunt & Gio Savage def. Hollywood Clique

The Hollywood Clique came out for a Interview and Dustin Starr has some News for them by the Championship Committee: Ray Sanders is not allowed to be the official for Hollywood Clique Matches anymore & Diana Taylor will defend her Championship in a 3 Way Match vs. Cassandra Golden & Nyxx – or she will vacate the title to the Championship Committee!

K Toomer came out to hype up his Match vs. Big Kon! Big Kon attacked him from behind and a bunch of secruity & referees had to separate them!

2. Match
Jason Genesis w/ Goddess defeated Bobby Ford

Sit-Down Interview with King Cobra is shown

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion Mike Anthony came put and wanted a refund by Pay Up w/ Money Mark – because they couldn’t get the job done! Pay Up came out and Money Mark wanted to talk out backstage but Mike Anthony fired them! Jack Parker came face to face with Mike Anthony.

Main Event
K Toomer defeated Big Kon

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