Memphis Wrestling Episode 42 Power Ranking

1. Mike Anthony
After destroying Brett Michaels last week, the Genetic Nightmare came out on Episode 42 and challenged The Gunshow for the Memphis Heritage Title next week. It’ll be a Street Fight Match!

2. Anthony Idol ⬆️
Anthony Idol answered K Toomer’s Best Of The Bests Challenge and was able to get K Toomer out of the ring! K Toomer left the scene, but the Neon Phenomenom had the advantage in the first meeting.

3. Country Rock ⏸
Last week they defeated the first-ever Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Skimahorns and have been on a roll for a while. This week they weren’t in action but they are close to getting a Tag Team Titles Match.

4. K Toomer ⬇️
After making the life of the Lane Family a living hell the Master of FatJutsu did a Best Of The Bests Challeng3 himself. Anthony Idol answered the challenge and K Toomer was not able to take down the Neon Phenomenom.

5. “Big Swole” Justin Cole 🆕️
Since starting his “Body Slam Cancer” campaign in October Justin Cole has been on a roll. He is undefeated since then and this week he pulled an “upset” over Hollywood Horror Show’s Revenant of Walker Hayes! A possible Memphis Heritage Title match could be on the horizon.

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