Memphis Wrestling – Episode 175 Line Up

The Bos says he’s willing to Risk it All for another opportunity at Aaron Roberts’ Internet Championship. What will it take?

Kirk Swiss vs Denzel Rollins
While Kirk Swiss tries to make Memphis great again, Denzel Rollins has been on a hot streak!

Matt Williams vs Tim Grind
With Lord Gaston seemingly faking an injury, this Tag Team Title Match is now one on one.

Hollywood Jimmy wants Mike Anthony in the Hollywood Clique… but how does Van Viciouss feel about this?

DDT Diana Taylor with Makkari vs Tootie Lynn
DDT will welcome a newcomer to Memphis Wrestling, as she takes on the debuting Tootie Lynn!

Big Nasty Phil & Main Event Bradley vs Steele Cross
The tag team division is absolutely loaded here in Memphis Wrestling! This week, two teams need a victory to climb the ranks!

The Reverend sends a message… and it’s a rather disturbing message

We will hear from Memphis Wrestling Women’s Champion Mackenzie Morgan! What’s next for the Champ?

Main Event
Will King Cobra sign the Internet Championship rematch Tim Bosby is requesting? And if he does… At what cost?

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – it’s Memphis Wrestling!

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