Memphis Wrestling – Episode 161 Line Up

Get ready for the backlash from SuperBout, including a special toast from the one & only Cowboy James Storm!

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – We are Memphis Wrestling!

Official Lineup

The Big Mane Speaks
We will hear from the brand new Memphis Heritage Champion, K-Toomer, to kick off the program! Sho Nuff!

Women’s Division Match
Cassandra Golden vs Makkari Kandy
We will not only see Cassandra Golden in action for the first time since her attack on Mackenzie Morgan – but Dustin Starr will attempt to get a word with Cassandra!

Sycho Simon vs Jay Smooth
After finally being reinstated into Memphis Wrestling, Sycho Simon is back in action. Say a prayer for Jay Smooth.

DK Superkicked Ray Ray…
So, what does that mean? What’s next for DK & Ray Ray? The internet is abuzz… as this story develops.

And Still…
We will hear from your Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions Sir Matthew and Lord Gaston. You’ve been warned.

Tag Team Match
Too Kool 2 vs Colton Cage & Austin Mulitalo
With SuperBout III behind these teams, it’s time to get in contention for a possible Title opportunity. This is a big tag team match for both teams!

Righteous Path Stronger Than Ever
And Reverend Ash Taylor is going to tell us all about his.

The Cowboy Rides In
Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Cowboy James Storm rides into Memphis Wrestling! You will not want to miss this!

Jimmy Blaylock Re-Signs
After Van Viciouss’ victory at SuperBout III, it’s official – Jimmy Blaylock will sign a new contract with Memphis Wrestling. What will happen when King Cobra and assistant match maker Michael present the new contract?

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – it’s Memphis Wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

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