Memphis Wrestling Episode 156 Line Up

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long joins the program, as Cobra Cup action continues!

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – We are Memphis Wrestling!

Official lineup:

Cobra Cup Round 1
“All the Way” Ray Collins vs Devin O’Neal
Ray Collins has a chance of a lifetime! Could capture King Cobra’s Cup? He’ll have to go thru the O’Neal Brothers first!

Special Guest
WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long joins the Memphis Wrestling program to help clean up a little mess. You know something big is going down when Teddy Long is in town!

Will the GunShow make superbout?
There’s been a lot of discussion about it – but will The GunShow be healthy enough to be cleared… and fight the monster Krule?

Brother Bruce vs Denzel Rollins
Denzel Rollins might’ve found himself in some big trouble, as he’s signed to face off against Brother Bruce with Reverend Ash Taylor and Righteous Ryan in his corner.

Big John Dalton has had enough!
And today on Memphis Wrestling, he will make a special challenge to Reverend Ash Taylor. How will the Reverend respond?

Tag Team Match
Tim Bosby & Mackenzie Morgan vs Main Event Bradley & Big Nasty Phil
Bos & MZK look to climb the tag team ranks with a victory over Bradley and Phil. Of course, Brad & Phil say there “ain’t no way!”

Sycho Simon Responds
After King Cobra displayed a taste for revenge, Sycho Simon looks to answer the call. He’s not allowed inside the WrestleCenter… so, everyone better be on alert!

Main Event: Cobra Cup Round 1 – Grudge Match
Big Swole vs Colton Cage
After being a very successful tag team, Colton Cage turned his back on Big Swole to side with a new partner in Austin Mulitalo. Today, Big Swole & Colton Cage look to settle the score with advancement in the King Cobra Cup Tournament at stake!

*lineup subject to change

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