Memphis Wrestling Episode 153 Line Up

Who’s hotta? Not nada! Memphis Wrestling is on fire this week with former WWE star AJ Francis and OVW’s Ca$h Flo!

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – we are Memphis Wrestling!


Where’s the Bag?
Former WWE superstar AJ Francis (fka Top Dolla) and OVW/Netflix star Ca$h Flo will kick off the program. But why?

Tag Team Match
Tim Bosby & Mackenzie Morgan vs Devin O’Neal & Nixi XS
The Bos and MKZ tag team for the first time in 2024! They’ll have a couple of trouble-makers standing across the ring… and Steven will be lingering somewhere. Will the odds be too much?

Memphis Heritage Title Stolen
And it appears that the Death Incarnate, the monster Krule was ordered to return The GunShow’s Championship to Brooklyn!

Cameron Cole Signed
It is official. Former Reality of Wrestling star Cameron Cole has signed with Memphis Wrestling. We will hear from him ahead of his in-ring debut.

Swole, Swole, Swole
Big Swole was a finalist in the Grind City Rumble. He had the same fate as his former tag team partner and best friend, The GunShow. What will Big Swole have to say about it all?

Tag Team Match
Twins of Salem vs Steele Cross
2 tag teams looking to climb the ranks in Memphis Wrestling square off in a tag team battle!

The Posse…?
They are suspended… indefinitely… without pay. Rumor has it, we will hear from them this week on the program. Beware

DDT Returns!
After being sidelined for months with an ankle injury, DDT will return to the WrestleCenter to provide an update on her condition and when she will return to the ring!

Star-Studden Main Event
Do not miss this week’s epic Main Event!

*lineup subject to change

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