Memphis Wrestling – Episode 141 Line-Up revealed

Memphis Wrestling revealed the Line Up for this weeks Memphis TV Episode. The episode will be available on WAC 5+, FITE+ & Youtube!

Coming off one of the wildest weeks in Memphis Wrestling history, we’ll get you all caught up on the thirlling drama + 2 huge Main Event matches with Championships on the line!

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – it’s Memphis Wrestling!

Official lineup

Tag Team Match
Roberts Family Legacy vs The Top Guns
The Roberts Family Legacy returns, just in time for the Memphis Trios Tournament, which will be underway very soon.

Will BJD follow the Righteous path?
After being abducted by The Righteous Path and their… shadows, we will hear from Reverend Ash Taylor and get an update on Big John Dalton.

Internet Championship Match
Austin Lane (c) with Nikki vs Tim Bosby with Mackenzie Morgan
This rivalry has gone on far too long – but now the odds are even! Mackenzie Morgan, Memphis Wrestling Women’s Champion, will be in the corner of The Bos to keep Nikki Lane from interfering!

Women’s Division Match
Nyxx vs DDT Diana Taylor
Another rivalry that seems to be built on jealousy, Nyxx and DDT will finally square off 1 on 1!

All the way Ray
Ray Collins has been training hard and living his dream. Today, we’ll catch up with him about training and his future in Memphis Wrestling!

Memphis Wrestling Returns to Brighton
Dustin Starr makes a huge announcement about Memphis Wrestling’s return to Brighton, TN for another huge baseball fundraiser!

Who done it?
Flex returns to Memphis Wrestling! And maybe, just maybe we’ll find out who attempted to run him down with a truck!

Main Event – Memphis Heritage Championship Grudge Match
The Gunshow (c) vs Van Viciouss with Jimmy Blaylock & The Hollywood Clique
The GunShow has promised to end this once and for all with Jimmy Blaylock, after Jimmy’s attorney served up papers to Dustin Starr (on behalf of Memphis Wrestling) and The GunShow!

It’s an all new Memphis Wrestling – the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

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