Memphis Wrestling – Episode 135 | Results & Video

Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 135 |  Memphis WrestleCenter | September 23, 2023

1. Match
Draco & Gio Savage defeated The O’Neal Brothers

K Toomer & Mike Anthony had some talks about the Main Event – where they talk about the Five Starr Five Way Match for No. 1 Contendership. “Big Swole” Justin Cole & Colton Cage had the same talk.

The Rightous Path came out and tried to hire Big John Dalton – who refused.

2. Match
Big John Dalton defeated Rightous Ryan Rembrandt w/ The Rightous Path
• after the Match Ash Taylor gave Big John Dalton a flyer

We see a highlight video of the Tim Bosby / Austin Lane rivalry.

The Lane Dynasty came out to adress Tim Bosby. If Tim Bosby can Suplex Austin Lane’s chosen opponent he might get a title match.

3. Match
Tim Bosby defeated Big Nico via DQ after Austin Lane attacked Bosby
• the Lane Dynasty continued the assault until MKZ made the save

We see footage when King Cobra arrived at the Memphis WrestleCenter.

Diana Taylor came out to adress her appearence on HEELZ. Former Women’s Champion Nyxx came out to steal the spotlight. They got into a brawl.

Main Event
No. 1 Contendership for the Memphis Heritage Championship
Five Starrr Five Way Match
Mikey defeated K Toomer, Mike Anthony, “Big Swole” Justin Cole & Colton Cage
• Memphis Heritage Champion The Gunshow came out to show respect for his next challenger

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