Memphis Wrestling – Episode 130 | Results + Video

Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 130 |  Memphis WrestleCenter | August 19, 2023

Dustin Starr & Terrence Ward welcomed the viewers from the Commentary table.

1. Match
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships
Derrick King & Ray Sanders (c) defeated The O’Neal Brothers w/ Nixi XS

Tim Grind arrived to the WrestleCenter and adressed his son’s betrayal few weeks ago… He wants to face The Posse – with his Son on his side!

We see Big John Dalton – who cut a promo on Ellsworth Enterprise for their Live Event.

2. Match
All The Way Ray defeated Phil w/ Main Event Bradley

The Rightous Path came out to the WrestleCenter. They call out Chris Adonis!

Aaron Roberts & Roberts Family Legacy cut a promo on K Toomer & Mike Anthony about their clash at Dyer County Fair on September 9!

Chris Adonis came out and challenges The Rightous Path to a Masterlock Challenge! Brother Bruce will accept the challenge instead of Rightous Ryan. The Rightous Path attacked Adonis when he had Bruce in the Masterlock! The Rightous Path retreated their failed attack.

Mackenzie Morgan is on the phone with someone… Meanwhile Ellsworth Enterprise are preparing something for the Contract Signing.

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels is coming out to hype up the St. Jude Live Event. The Hollywood Clique came out too.

Main Event
Tim Grind defeated The Posse via DQ after usage of weapons
• Lance McKade came out for distraction and the trio beat up Tim Grind

Mackenzie Morgan & Nyxx came out for the Womens Title Contract Signing. MKZ cut a high enery promo before signing the contract. Ellsworth Enterprise came out and they Triple Powerbombed her through the table before Nyxx signed the contract.

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