Memphis Wrestling – Episode 127 | Results + Video

Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 127 |  Memphis WrestleCenter | July 29, 2023

Lance Archer wrecked a lot of secruity backstage before coming into the WrestleCenter. He confronted Dustin Starr and demanded competition!

1. Match
Lance Archer defeated Main Event Bradley w/ Uncle Phil
• after the Match he challenged Krule to a Match

Tim Grind came out and said he couldn’t find his son. He called out The Posse, who might have something to do with his missing. He challenged them to a Match.

2. Match
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships
Derrick King & Ray Ray Sanders (c) defeated the O’Neal Brothers via DQ after Nixi XS interference
• Nixi XS cut a promo on the Tag Team Division after the match

We see footage of when The Pope cut a promo and put over Ray Collins. Collins had some words for Reverend Ash Taylor after that.

The Posse cut a promo on Tim Grind and Mr. Chris accepted the challenge.

Cassandra Golden cut a promo about how she will regain the title.

3. Match
Cassandra Golden defeated Bashley Bones

Dr. Tom Prichard talks about the seminar held on the Memphis WrestleCenter when the Lane Family interrupted him. Tim Bosby stepped in before something happend.

Main Event
Mr. Chris defeated Tim Grind
• Simon came out with Lance Grind in Posse face paint and demand to Tim that he loses on purpose or he will hurt his son
• Lance Grind turned on his father after the match with a Low Blow
• after the match the Posse attacked Tim Grind

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