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Memphis Wrestling – Episode 98 | January 7, 2023 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

“Gunshow” Brett Michaels came out and revealed that he signed the contract to face Mike Anthony for the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship at the Grind City Rumble. He gave the contract to Dustin Starr to make sure Mike Anthony signs the contract.

1. Match
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Posse defeated The Hot Shots

Hollywood Jimmy presents the Hollywood Clique Insurence Policy: Adamas Vain! He will make sure that Van Viciouss will win the Grind City Rumble.

2. Match
Dirty Diana Taylor w/ Hollywood Jimmy defeated Nyxx via DQ due to Mackenzie Morgan’s interference
• Mackenzie Morgan continued to attack Dirty Diana Taylor and took her down

K Toomer cut a promo about the Grind City Rumble and this Rumble will be his!

3. Match
Road To Rumble Match
Kid Wrestling, LA Hustlers, Matthew Williams, Ben Bishop, K Toomer, Brother Bruce, Storybook Prince Gaston
Winner: K Toomer

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion Mike Anthony came out, cut a prom on the Gunshow and signed the contract!

Main Event
Hair vs. Hair Match
Zay Washington defeated Aaron Roberts w/ Justin Case
• after the Match Aaron Roberts & Justin Case attacked Zay Washington and shaved his head despite per Stipulation it is Aaron Roberts who should have had his head shaved

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