Memphis Wrestling Ep. 91 Results | Memphis Trios Tournament P1 | November 19, 2022

Memphis Wrestling | Menphis Trios Tournament P1 | Episode 91 | November 19, 2022

1. Match
Memphis Trios Tournament Round 1
The Nightmare Posse (Mike Anthony & The Posse) defeated The Hot Shots
• Dustin Starr interviewed The Nightmare Posse after the match. They send a message to Big Swole, Mike Anthony and their finalists opponents.

Memphis Wrestling Internet Champion Zay Washington cuts a promo on Aaron Roberts.

2. Match
Trace Lee Hunt w/ Madi the American Baddie defeated Jason Genesis w/ Goddess

3. Match
Tim Bosby defeated Adam Priest
• King Cobra was on commentary

Hollywood Jimmy & the Hollywood Clique cuts a promo on DK, Ray Sanders & their 3rd partner.

DK, Ray Sanders & Mackenzie Morgan cut a promo against Hollywood Clique.

Main Event
Memphis Trios Tournament Round 1
Team WrestleCenter (Derrick King, Ray Sanders & Mackenzie Morgan) defeated Hollywood Clique

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