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Memphis Wrestling Episode 88 | October 29, 2022 | Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter

The show kicks off with a video footage of Mads “Krule” Krugger making his way to the WrestleCenter…

The Skimahorns came out and talked about the Memphis Trios Tournament. Brad wants Uncle Mikey to be more focus to win the tournament! Hot Shots came out and made fun of them which lead to a Tag Team Match.

1. Match
The Skimahorns defeated The Hot Shots after a distraction by the LA Hustlers
• Krule attacked The Skimahorns after the Match & teased that someone is going to the coffein

2. Match
Memphis Wrestling Women’s Champion Cassandra Golden & Gio Savage defeated Jennifer Justice & Precious

The Hollywood Clique came out and cut a promo on Derrick King & Ray Sanders.

Matt Williams, Big Jack & Money Mark came out to cut a promo about Austin Lane.

3. Match
Matt Williams w/ Big Jack & Money Mark defeated Ray Collins

Main Event
Gangrel vs. Warwolf ended in a No Contest when Krule came out
• Krule & Gangrel worked together and Warwolf was put into the coffin

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