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Memphis Wrestling Episode 85 | Memphis Wrestling Center | October 8, 2022

After the last weeks Rewind around the Hollywood Clique Dustin Starr announced on Commentary that Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock is suspended!

“The Gunshow” Brett Michaels comes out and challenges out The Posse after their attack on “Big Swole” Justin Cole!

Mackenzie Morgan interviews “True American” Trace Lee Hunt. He cuts a promo on Jason Genesis & Goddess.

1. Match
Trace Lee Hunt defeated Jason Genesis w/ Goddess
• Jason Genesis & Goddess attacked Trace Lee Hunt before the bell
• a blonde female helped Trace Lee Hunt to even the odds

Mackenzie Morgan interviews Ray Sanders. He will adress the situation next week on Memphis Wrestling!

Dustin Starr interviews Internet Champion Zay Washington. He calls out Aaron Roberts to a Fight!

2. Match
Internet Champion Zay Washington defeated Aaron Roberts via DQ
• Aaron Roberts continued his assault on Zay Washington & Big Dan Secruity!
• Big Dan Secruity was brought out with the stretcher

Dustin Starr welcomes Chavo Guerrero Jr. who adressed the crowd. Dustin Starr teased that Chavo could be in action for Memphis soon!

3. Match
Gio Savage defeated Cameron Cole

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion Mike Anthony cuts a promo in a video package. He calls out Tony Nese & Will Allday.

Brett Michaels comes out for the Fight with The Posse – who attack Gunshow from behind. Justin Cole comes out for the save and a huge brawl is happening. At the end Memphis Muscle stand tall!

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